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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Labour has ruined British education, and the Tories have not rectified this monumental error!

My ideas on Education for Britain

A thought on our university education fees. But I'd like to talk about school education first.

Personally, I think that tax-payers should only have the responsibility of educating our children up to A Level - except in exceptional cases.


The idea of UKIP bringing back Grammar Schools is excellent. The old communist Soviet Union had a two track education where they gave priority to brighter children – so we should bring this up if the left get too excited.

Two other “new” methods should be terminated.

First of all I'd like to abolish entire exam papers being multiple choice. However, there is merit in having some multiple choice as it helps indicate where pupils have the knowledge but can't express it at their age.

The first half of the paper should be worth 75% and have normal questions. The last half would be only be worth 25%  and be multiple choice. Pupils could only pass if they had at least a modicum of ability to express themselves.

The second thing we should abolish is the GCSE exams and bring back 'O' levels. These are the exams Britain used when education was education, and not the farce it is today.

There could be a percentage rebate off pupil's university fees if they get seven 'O' levels with at least five to be taken at the same time. And a further rebate if they get more than three 'A' levels. This could be up to 25% of the University fees.


UKIP have suggested that Science and Technology degrees should be free. I don't necessarily agree with this. It is too open or standardised. I am quite happy for certain pupils to receive free education but, perhaps, under the following plan.

All pupils should be charged the full price initially with reductions awarded at the end of their degree.

There should be a body made up of heads of three universities, fivecrème de la crème. British science companies, five teaching hospitals and five British technological companies. They should meet just once every year to set out their degree requirements for the following three years. Working on their recommendations, students for those courses they recommend receive between 25% and 75% rebate, depending on the value of their pass mark.

This way the poor tax-payer won't begrudge the cost of university education they are paying for as they will only be paying for the British crème de la crème.


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