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Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Problem with Britain's political arena

One of the major problems is the EU. Not just because of open borders which is enabling the spread of Ebola into the EU, but because of the structure which makes over 75% of our laws. As every reader no doubt knows, the Liberal Democrats love being in the EU, but even their leader has admitted that over half our laws are made in the EU. This is the only way he could tone the amount down without actually lying. The figure is nearer 75%.

The problem also with the EU making our laws is, that MPs have 75% less work to do in the law making sector and have little better to do that working out more and more elaborate fiddles to steal from the hard working tax payer. And, we have seen from the Telegraph in the past, they are extremely proficient at that.

The Labour Party is supposed to be for the ordinary man, but more and more the elite clique of Labour MPs who, in the main, are extremely rich people, cannot understand the average voter.

The only thing that can save the UK is jobs in the private sector. More and more jobs are needed. Jobs in the public sector are paid with money obtained in taxes from workers in the private sector.

I often hear people claiming that people in the public sector also pay taxes. But do they? Yes, it's called tax but they are merely returning some of the private sector taxes back to the government.

So who is for private sector jobs? I often hear that the Conservatives are supposed to be for the creation of jobs, but they aren't. Apart from the fact that they think helping the rich get richer will create businesses, and consorting with corporate businesses will make more jobs, this is really cloud cuckoo land.

I mentioned the Liberal Democrats earlier, and because of their extreme love for the EU. I guess we can't look for salvation there.

Lets examine the following:

Soho businesses, employing up to twenty people, make up to around 98% of the companies in the UK.

SME's which the government think of as “small” business employ between 20 and 500 staff, and make up 1.5% of companies in the UK.

Corporates employ over 500 people up to many thousands and only make up 0.5% of companies in the UK.

These figures were produced by the FSB a few years ago, little has changed.

Which creates more jobs?

There is no current party which seems to recognise that more help is needed for the Soho sector to expand, equally, no party seems to realise that when a corporate merges with another company, thousands of jobs are shed.

This is all madness. We need jobs for Britain to excel again. It is almost as if the major parties are doing their best to destroy this country. This is a simplistic solution, but the billions sent to the EU could be spent on a tax deal for the Soho companies along the lines of (a) no company NH tax for all staff over the present number employed, company tax at zero for five years, and half for the next five years.

If 50% of Soho companies employed one extra person, this would solve unemployment over night!

This brings us to the new kid on the block, the UK Independence Party. 

We can't be sure of what they will do until we see their manifesto. They are probably going to keep this under wraps as long as they can as the other parties keep using their ideas.

There is no point looking at the 2010 manifesto as it is alleged the Tories had successfully planted David Campbell Banneman who wrote a terrible manifesto whilst leader of our party. The fact that Cameron  rewarded him with an MEP position in Parliament afterwards made many of us wonder. This can't be proved of course.

But whatever they do, getting us out of the EU will release these billions, will protect us from not only Ebola, but the increasing cases we are getting with TB and Polio. Diseases we thought we had eradicated from our country. Also, our MPs will have to start working hard again. Maybe that will keep them out of mischief?

I have decided to vote UKIP till we have control of our own borders again. This, in no way, suggests I would continue to vote for them. Loyalty to politic groups has been what has destroyed our country in the first place. Such as “my grandfather voted xxx, my father voted xxx, so I will vote xxx.” A typical, “if it was good enough for them, it's good enough for me” syndrome.


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