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Friday, 17 October 2014

National Health Service Waste

What would be wrong with the following?

Sack all the many tiers of NHS managers who do not actually work in hospitals, clinics or surgeries.

Directly under the Ministry of Health, have a small team with computers setting out, and paying money directly to hospitals, clinics or surgeries.

For working out the figures to pay these people, it should be strictly £x per doctor and £y per nurse. However, it should be high enough to also pay towards the buildings, ancillary staff, local management and all running costs. Therefore this team need not comprise more than a manager and five staff.

A further, much larger department, responsible for negotiating costs for all supplies including medicines which will not be included in the above costings. This department would be responsible for researching the best replacement drugs rather than brand names. There should be senior medical personnel in this team.

Inner cities, such as London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow to name just a few, should carry an extra figure to cope with higher costs. The figure for each city and area within the city may be varied.

If these bodies want to empire build with extra staff, fine, but they get no more money from the tax payer. All the boards of directors should also be working doctors or nurses.

This is not meant to be an answer to all our NHS problems but to get people thinking along the lines that there must be a better way.


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