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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Just got your 'A' levels, here's some timely advice by an old geezer!

Just got your “A” levels? Did well? Now is the time to draw up your “Lifetime” goal.

Here's what to do. [Section One]

1. First of all choose the age you want to retire.

2. Second, draw up a list, leaving six lines between, working from the age you want to retire, backwards, in five year intervals.

3. In the lhe last five years or part, list in one year segments.

Now comes the hard part.  [Section Two]

1. Decide what material assets and wealth you want when you retire. For example, a large house, a new car, maybe a yacht, and a holiday home in Gaza?

2. Then plan what you need for each five year stage to keep you on the ladder to successfully reach your goal.

3. Now fill in the one year steps to see how you can achieve your first “five year goal”.

Now the most important part. [Section Three]

Print out the list and refer to it every day of your life. This is far more important than you can possibly imagine.

Stick a copy on your dressing table mirror. If a small mirror, just the first five year plan.

Maybe a full copy on the inside door of your wardrobe.

Perhaps a copy on your smart-phone – you do use Evernote on your PC and your phone don't you?

The chances of reaching your goal:

If you don't do section one, zero in five chances.
If you don't do section two, zero in five chances.
If you don't do section three, zero in five chances.
Now the unhappy part. If you do all three sections, you only have three chances in five of succeeding.

It's called life.


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