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Sunday, 12 January 2014

I do NOT blame the European Union for Britains troubles.

Why do people fail to differentiate?

This blog, though written from a British perspective could easily be changed to reflect just about any nationality in this world of ours.

For example, it is ridiculous to say I don't like Americans, or I don't like the French. Perhaps it is the way the country reacts to you or your ideas? Then maybe it is their politicians you don't like?

Taking this a step further, do you like your friends and the people around you? Can you see any difference between them and the power-mad, money-mad politicians who run your own country? Of course you can! Would you want others to judge you on the performance of your politicians? Of course you wouldn't!

Have you ever considered that the Americans or the French you don't like are tainted by the way you perceive their politicians to behave?

And, in Britain, we can take this a step further. If you are a Conservative, you may have said, from time to time, that you hate Socialists. And, if you are a Socialist, you may have said, I hate Conservatives. Of course you might have used much stronger language, I know I often do!

But not all Conservatives are right wing bigots, as not all Socialists are left wing bigots. We need, once again, to start differentiating between the politicians, activists, and 'nasty dyed in the wool types' on the one side, and the ordinary man or woman brought up to view people from the other party with suspicion on the other.

I have been a floating voter in my time. I have voted for Conservatives, as I have met many ordinary good working people who have been of that party. I was even a chairman in the Young Conservatives, dammit! My first wife was a Socialist, and, through her, I had met large numbers of decent Socialist people willing to discuss their problems with me and I have voted for their party in the past.

If you must hate, then fine. But try to direct your hatred for the activists and politicians of the opposite party who have ruined this green and pleasant land. And whilst you are about it, why not hold a little of your hatred back for the similar bastards in your own party who have run this wonderful country, with so much wonderful history, into the quagmire that it is in.

It is also important to focus your ire on the guilty party. Let me take just one example of what I mean before ending this blog.


When you meet an immigrant, whether an asylum seeker from Syria, escaping his country and wanting to live, or an economic migrant from Romania or Bulgaria, wanting a better life for his family than the poverty he endured back home. Remember, he is blameless for wanting a better life.

If you feel we have taken in too many people over the last decade, there is, if you look hard enough, the appropriate people to focus your anger upon. But do think carefully before directing your anger – it would be most unfair to direct it against the wrong people.

For example, you may think it is the EU with their insistence on open borders (because of their plan for an United States of Europe) who are the culprits, but you could be making a monumental mistake even blaming them. They didn't force us to join their club. In fact General de Gaul turned down our first application and we had to give up our fisheries and agriculture before we were let in.

It is your politicians in the Conservatives who took you in without a referendum in 1973. Although the Labour Party held a referendum in 1976 is was to remain in a non-political 'Common Market' You would have to be 56 now before you could have voted in that false referendum. I have heard that the Liberal Democrats don't believe in God but kneel down beside their beds every night and pray to the EU President. Not sure if I believe that though.

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