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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

An open letter to recent immigrants in the UK

Immigrants in the UK

London, 22nd January 2014

Dear Immigrant,

Have you arrived in the UK during the last decade and are uneasy about the United Kingdom Independence Party (known as UKIP)? Especially since the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, and the Conservative (Tory) Party have been saying all those nasty things about UKIP?

Before I get into my blog, I should state my position. I am an immigrant. I didn't start learning English until I was thirteen, and didn't speak it conversationally until I was fifteen, which was when I left school, left my parents and left my country and came to England to seek my fortune in 1955.

The EU officials hate the English. It could be because they remembered all the battles they lost against this tiny island in centuries past. They have flooded our country to the extent that our schools cannot cope, our National Health Service (NHS) is collapsing – have you been to an accident ward lately? Only the other day a patient was parked outside in an ambulance because there wasn't room in the hospital and after four hours he died. And, how long do you have to queue when you visit your doctor's surgery?

Our schools are failing to educate their pupils properly. This will get worse as immigrants are all having babies at a fast rate. Our midwives are finding this so difficult and cannot cope. In Hackney, London, one school had pupils who between them, spoke 71 languages as a first language.

But if UKIP got into Government, they would not send you back. Of course this won't apply to hardened criminals.

You have to look at the case for halting immigration from your point of view, not from ours. You are here, and won't be sent back. You are here because the EU is terrified that, if we have a referendum, we will vote to leave the EU. If we leave, it may open the flood gates and more and more countries may elect to leave and the EU might collapse. See more of this below.

The EU are advertising half a million of our jobs to other people across the EU. This will mean less work for YOU and, especially, your children. The National Health Service will collapse and you will have to pay huge medical bills if you, or your children fall ill. The public education system will collapse under the sheer weight of extra children, and you will have to pay to send your children to private schools.

As an immigrant, you have to be here for a certain amount of time before you can vote in our proper elections. However, if you are from an EU country, you have the right to vote in EU elections. The next one being in May 2014. The reason the EU are flooding the UK with immigrants is because they are certain all the immigrants will vote for staying in the EU. I'm not so sure.

Nobody can tell you how to vote, but you should think carefully about where you put your cross.

The Conservatives (Tories), the Liberal Democrats, and the Labour (Socialist) Party stand for staying in the EU, so we continue to get more and more immigrants. The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) stands for leaving the EU, saving our £53,000,000 we pay them every day. Some of this will be used to expand our NHS and schools, and halt immigration. New immigrants will still be able to come to Britain, but must have jobs to come to and have medical insurance to cover them for the first five years.

Finally, you need to know whether UKIP is of the left or of the right. It has now been proven that they are neither. In the Tory dominated South of England they are taking votes from the Conservatives. In the North of England, they are taking votes from the Socialists (Labour). A journalist once put it very succinctly. We are the party for common sense.


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