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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Children's Sports Coach sacked for honesty.

This guy, Justin Byrne, was the football coach for Chalfont St Peter's Football Club. He was sacked for writing this email:
I am only interested in winning. I don't care about equal play time or any other communist view of sport. Those who are not as good need to work harder or demonstrate more during training, or change sports. 
As someone who spends a huge amount of time working with graduates trying to find their first job I can safely say you are not doing your son any favours by suggesting the world is fair or non-competitive. 
Everything they are likely to do in life will be competitive so my view is, get them used to it. 
I do think that the 'A' side has the better players. Fact. Better may mean more skills, or more dedicated, or more determined. We have about 25 registered players. If we don't have a 'B' team, the majority of the squad 'will not get to play' in competitive matches. 
Finally, if some of the boys are saying “I prefer rugby”, that is great. Rugby is a far better sport. It produces well-disciplined young men who are respectful and team focused. It rarely gets political and rarely involves supporters beating each other up.
My Byrne sent parents of the ten year old children an email saying he was only interested in winning as life will be competitive for the players when they grow up so they should get used to competition now.

Full lengthy article here.


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