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Friday, 6 December 2013

If you have two fingers available, show them to the Royal Mail this Christmas!

Here's how to save money: be professional, do not upset relatives and friends (too much) and be charitable at the same time.

Most people detest the sort of Christmas cards you send links to. They don't want the card on the computer, they want to put it on their mantelpiece!

You will need a desktop publishing program. I use “Scribus” which is free, Opensource, and available in Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Here's how to do away with postage, cards, addressing envelopes, but still give your friends what they want.

Pam, my wife, paints a snow scene and I scan her painting in. I then design a card so that, when it is printed out, it can be folded in four and placed on the recipient's mantelpiece. Care should be taken to ensure everything is the right way up when the card is folded. See immediately below

As you can see, when folded, the painting will be on the front, and the TaylorCard details and charity we support will be on the back.

When then opened up, the 'best wishes...' will be below and the name and contact details to the bottom right of the upper page.

The card, when people see the worthwhile charity, and that we send £100 to support them, is then acceptable.

And the Royal Mail go hungry!


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