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Friday, 15 November 2013

How I reduced half an hours supermarket shopping to twelve minutes.

How I reduced half an hours supermarket shopping to twelve minutes.

I used my smartphone phone!

It wasn't easy. There are many apps to assist you in shopping, but most of them took more time than they saved, After discarding them, one by one, I was left with one last app, which took longer than the others for the initial set-up, but once done, was very fast in execution.

The app is the “Shopping List Manager” by Valuaphone. It is available both on the Android (Google Play) store and the Apple App store.

There is some good news and some bad news. The bad news is you have to type in everything you buy into the shopping list. The good news is that you can do this on your web browser, using your full keyboard, and then sync to your phone. But if you follow my instructions below, you will see this is the best way of shopping if you rely on a weekly shop.

My supermarket has aisle numbers so the following suggestions are a good one to follow if yours does as well.

I give a code first so that when I add items and do a sort, it sorts in the aisle number order. Suppose I was purchasing kitchen towels. My code would be

04f Kitchen Towels.

The first two digits are the aisle number. Always add a zero for single digit aisle or your sorting will be up the proverbial.

The next character is either an 'f' or a 'b'. These letters refer to whether it is the aisle on the front door side or the back door side. No point in putting left or right as one could approach the aisle from a different way each time.

The supermarket often change the aisle the product is in, but a long key press on the item gives you the chance to either modify or delete. A sort will then put everything in order.

If you are on the way to the supermarket and you've forgotten to add something, your spouse can type it in on the web-page and sync it, and you won't even know as you grab it off the shelf. Or in my case, I'd put whisky on but had annoyed my wife, so she went into the web page and deleted it. Unlucky for her, I remembered! I never forget my alcohol!

If you have joined your supermarket 'club', they may have their own apps and include everything you have purchased at the till in the past. I have tried these apps; they are quicker to set up, but they will add too much time when you fill the list out prior to going to the shop..

This app is definitely the fastest and our normal half an hour shop takes between twelve and fourteen minutes.


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