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Monday, 4 November 2013

How the British Public have been totally betrayed. (30 min. video.)

If you are a friend or contact of mine and can vote for the Conservatives, Socialists or Liberal Democrats after watching this video, I ask you, extremely sincerely, to take yourself far away from our friendship or association.

I have known for over twenty years of all of this, and people have smiled and treated me as an eccentric. I no longer need your company. I have many friends of similar knowledge. 

If you don't want to know of the truth of our traitors in parliament, leave this webpage now. You will only unsettle yourself. For those who strive for truth, read and watch on.

UKIP Members of the European Parliament have donated almost half a million pounds from their taxpayer-funded salaries to their own political party, recent revelations have shown.


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