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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Food for thought. An open letter on what is happening to the UK's detriment.

Dear Reader,

I write to you today to discuss the present predicament we are in, in Britain.

First of all, I'd like to start up with business. The reason I have added this before politics is because it is the politicians who are crippling British competiveness.

There are three major categories of business.

These cover the majority of businesses who have less than twenty personnel (directors, managers and staff) within them. They are, in the main, run by people who lean more to the right than to the left and offer the most jobs for people overall. About 97.5% of all businesses within the UK fall into this category.

These are Small to Medium size Enterprises. They contain up to about 500 employees at the high end and are also more to the right than to the left. Because of economies of scale, and because they only make up about 2% of businesses, they offer a lower number of jobs overall.

These are huge conglomerates and naturally lean to the left as they use leverage to dismantle their competitors. They do this by lobbying governments. In our case Westminster, but now look more to the EU as this is where most business red tape emanates. They have several aims with their lobbying; one aim is to expand their business. The laws breaking down our railways and Royal Mail came from the EU in a series of directives, and it is big business, every time, which benefits. Another request from corporates is to increase business red tape as this cripples smaller companies which make them less of a threat to huge conglomerates who by their very nature, cannot move as fast. The corporates have entire departments to deal with red tape. It is usually the directors who have to deal with it with smaller companies which hamper their ability to compete with the monoliths.

Then we have the politicians in various parties. Why do most of them prefer to remain in the EU? Could it be because the leaders are the ones most enthralled at the possibility of riches beyond their dreams, if they get their feet under the EU table as a reward for staying on message?

Let's look at the government, and then the opposition in that order but, before we do, did you know America has over 314 million people, and is 38 times larger than the UK. Bear these figures in mind for the following.

Our House of Lords has 781 Lords. The American equivalent, their Senate has 100 senators to cover an area 38 times larger than the UK!

If we reduced our House of Lords to just 100 Lords, that will still be for an area 38 times smaller than in the USA.

Our parliament has 650 MPs. The American equivalent, their House of Representatives, have 441 representatives covering an area 38 times larger than Britain.

If we reduced our parliament to just 441 MPs, that would still be for an area 38 times smaller than in the USA.

Now for our UK political parties.

The Conservatives
David Cameron has promised a referendum in 2017. But, and this is a big but, he has stated that he will fight tooth and nail to keep Britain
in the EU at the time of the referendum. And remember, that referendum will only happen if he wins the next election. Looking at the opinion polls, this is looking less and less likely. And, why choose 2017? Nothing to do with the rumour that our forces will be amalgamated into the EU by then? I wouldn't be surprised if Cameron's doctor has to treat him for constant giddiness through all the u-turns he seems to make.

The Liberal Democrats
Although one can't take too much not
ice of opinion polls, it is beginning to look like the rank and file of the Liberal Democrats are slowly moving in the direction of the Labour party. They could well be a spent force at the next general election. And as for their leader, Nick Clegg, he recently said that British people who are against the EU are traitors. One can only presume he means traitors to the EU (which has long been his God).

The Labour party
What a sorry state this party has become. Gai
tskell and Bevan must be turning in their graves. Tony Blair? The man who has become a multi-millionaire out of death and destruction? The man who took Britain into the Iraq war through lies and misinformation? Even after Hans Blik the searcher of "weapons of mass destruction" repeatedly said there weren't any weapons! Then there's Gordon Brown who stated in public that he was going to "save the world"? What a Freudian slip that was. And, fancy telling the money markets the exact day, and exact amount, of our gold he was going to sell. No wonder we lost billions. As for the recent shower, many like to watch the guys at the Apollo Theatre for their laughs, but you can't beat the two Eds. What a music hall turn they are. And they are refusing people a choice on the EU by not holding a referendum. Remember, they have stated this many times.

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)
This is the new kid on the block.
Opinion polls which have UKIP at between 10% and 13% are the ones which don't mention UKIP but include them under others. Other opinion polls have UKIP on 20% to 25%. These are the ones which include UKIP's name in the multiple choice questions.

One of the problems is that UKIP don't have a single MP. However, by 2015 they will have been in existence for 22 years. Labour got their first MP after they had been around for 24 years. What will happen if UKIP do well in the EU elections in 2014, I mean "really well"? Supposing they get over 60% of the vote? All the present parties in parliament will be in total disarray, and they will start promising the earth to their core voters.

If you are leaning towards this new party, the question you must ask yourself is, could you believe the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats or Labour? Have they been known to lie before?


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