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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

If I were king... What the UK would look like!

If I were Dictator of the United Kingdom.

1. We would increase our armed forces.

2. We would supply them with the finest equipment that money could buy.

3. We would increase training from present, to half way towards special forces training.

4. We would double our special forces personnel and supply fast transport for them capable of reaching anywhere in the world.


5. We would just pull out of the EU. Not thank you, and goodbye.

6. We would stop all foreign aid in cash. (See later for true aid).

7. We would use the Australian system for admitting new blood into our country.

8. We would send home any immigrant (with their families) who arrived since 1997 and have a criminal record. Any goods or possessions up to cost of travel will be confiscated and sold.

9. All illegal immigrants will be assessed and those who fit in to the “Australian System” would be allowed to stay and the others sent back. Any goods or possessions – see 8 above.

10. Compulsive retirement for judges at 70.

11. We would open our borders to African countries for them to sell their produce to us.

12. Where we give aid, then it will be in vouchers which will be honoured by my government when they spend those vouchers on British goods, British produce or British expertise.

* British products are those manufactured in the UK with at least 80% of parts manufactured in the UK.

13. There will be no minimum wage.

14. The National Insurance will be assimilated into Income Tax and Corporation Tax.

15. There will be two levels of Corporation Tax, neither based on company size. Corporation tax will be 20% for all companies over £100,000 a year gross profit.

16 All companies who export British products will pay only 10% Corporation Tax on their export sales. See note in 11 above.

17. Income tax: Personal allowance £10,000 p.a. Married allowance of £2,000 which kicks in after first birth. Basic rate from 0-£40.000 Higher rate £4,001+ frozen for 10 years. Golden hellos and goodbyes would be illegal. Money paid to anyone fired would be illegal. All pensions to be paid by the person insuring themselves.

18. No government office, school, hospital or law department will speak any language other than English and will not have any documents printed in any other language.

* Exception – Wales, but only Welsh taxpayers may contribute to the costs and it must be voluntary.

19 No Councillor or Member of Parliament may stand for election unless both parents are English, or unless they have gone through an American style course and oral exam if they are foreign. Instead of reciting the American Constitution we would substitute the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights. This would take place after five years of exemplary contact in this country.

20. The death penalty will be re-introduced for treason. Aiding and abetting the EU would be treason. Because there is often doubt judges, who are certain of guilt, may give the defender a choice between imprisonment and hanging. Hanging may be preferable to “life means life” imprisonment.

21. If we should go to war, we could only do so after a referendum. Those taking part in the referendum would be those who have both their parents British or are members of the armed forces.

22. Face masks may be worn in public, but not in shops, offices, government buildings including hospitals, schools etc. or on public transport. Any vehicle that needs a driving licence is also excluded. Motor-cycles are an exception.

23. No face masks may be word on photographs in identity documents.

24. Mosques may only be allowed from Moslem countries which allow churches and protect Christians. No political interference for Churches.

25. Any non-UK citizen who goes abroad to fight in a foreign war against the interests of the United Kingdom immediately loses his right to citizenship.

Nobody would be excluded from any office or area due to ethic race, colour or beliefs. I include Moslems in this. As long as all newcomers in this country adopt, as millions have done during the last thousand years, to the British way and to British customs they are more than welcome.

Anyone got any ideas I have missed? Remember no bad language, racism or un-Britishness. A bit drastic, I know, but then the rot has been set in by Blair, Brown and Cameron.


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