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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Watch an Awesome and Jaw-Dropping Visualization of Every Protest Since 1979

I saw this recently on Twitter. It is scary. I went to an Astrology talk in the eighties by a Mundane Astrology (Mundane means the ones which work on countries rather than people) who accurately forecasted the earthquakes at the end of the century, he also told us that, in the early millennium, the people's of the world would revolt against the way they are governed and the end result will either be total destruction of everything we know, or a new age of enlightenment and real democracy. From the business in the Middle East and the Moslem slow takeover of the West, it seems very much that we are in the endgame. I find it almost unbelievable that an astrologer could be so accurate! Or was he just wise beyond his years?

Now watch a Jaw-Dropping Visualization of Every Protest Since 1979

250 million protests worldwide, from 1979-2013, visualized in one time-lapse image

Penn State doctoral candidate John Beieler has created a time-lapse visualization of every protest on the planet since 1979. And it is jaw-dropping, and I mean that in a real way, not in a BS blogger-overhyping-this-incredible-amazing-thing way. No, this is truly amazing, because what you’ll see is tiny blips popping off here and there in the 1970s—a time we think of as highly politically charged—and nearly eclipsing the world starting with the late 90s anti-globalization protests and the second Iraq War up till our present moment.
Go to the actual website for more details

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