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Monday, 29 July 2013

A young South African girl's words of wisdom

A Twitter pal in South Africa, Phumzile van Damme, recently reached the beautiful age of thirty and presented us with these wise words of wisdom which are appended below.

Phumzile is an active participant in the DA (the new South African "Democratic Alliance" party) formed to fight for all the races in South Africa rather than just a section of the country.

They were formed after the Apartheid system fell in 1994 and although it is more complex, we can state the DA has 77 seats in the overall parliamentary seating.


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

So you have, or you're thinking of buying the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone?

I have had my Galaxy S4 for a little time now so I would like to share some of the apps and hardware which has made my computer more useful. Let's face it, it's a computer which allows you to make phone calls.


The very first thing is to purchase the “AVG” app for just under £10. This will keep your phone clean of malware, check all email attachments, and check every app you download for dangerous code. It is a must.

The app which comes with the S4 from Samsung is “S Health” and this counts your exercise steps, whether walking, running or using stairs. You set yourself a daily target. I have started on a low one of 5,000 steps, and you can't cheat, and you get a sense of failure if you don't get an average (of the week of your daily average times 7). And, you can't cheat, unless you strap it to your arm when you are...

Whilst we are on health, I'll mention “AlcoDroid” this registers how much you have drunk and you can get an accurate unit count to two decimal places. You have to put the alcohol content in and the amount of the liquid. It also gives a fair idea of your alcohol/blood content but stresses this fluctuates from person to person. My target is 24 units (we are advised to keep to 28 units now for me) and I never reach more than 80% of target. More like 75%

These two apps have over three weeks, cut my drinking down by 140% and I feel fitter from the exercise.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

UKIP Deputy Leader takes EU to task over Royal Mail privatisation

The Post Office Union is going on strike because they love the EU who are destroying their members' jobs. 

The Post Office Unions will be disbanded within a few years as the Royal Mail goes down the chute. 

In addition to this, many of the loudest voices of protest love the EU who are destroying their mail.

Ironic isn't it? And tragic!


now read on...

The UK Government will be helpless to prevent huge job losses and a looming pensions disaster when the Royal Mail is privatised, due to EU regulation.  

Paul Nuttall MEP, UKIP Deputy Leader points out that Westminster will be hamstrung by the same EU regulations that forced it into privatisation.  “It was of course three successive EU Postal Services Directives that created this mess, and under the same law the Government will be banned from giving the Royal Mail any state aid if it catastrophically fails.  

The Postal Services Directive made it clear that the market for mail delivery had to be opened up to competition. 

As a result, the more profitable services such as business mail were forced to compete with cheaper foreign competitors while Royal Mail was lumbered with the costly hand-delivery and sorting processes. On top of that, as life has moved progressively online we are sending fewer and fewer letters. 

The Royal Mail was doomed.

“Now the final nail is in the coffin and the Royal Mail will become fully privatised, it’s going to really struggle to compete in the market place. In order to survive there will have to be closures. There will have to be job losses. 

These employees’ shares that are being championed by the Prime Minister will be completely and utterly worthless. 

But under EU state aid rules the UK Government will be strictly forbidden from helping the Royal Mail with taxpayers’ money.  It will also be forbidden to help plug the £9 billion pension pot deficit.  

We will be left with a completely destroyed Royal Mail, once a proud British institution that did so much more than just deliver letters. We can thank the EU for that, and we can also thank the EU when Westminster finally wakes up and realises there’s a disaster in the post.”

Monday, 8 July 2013

A soldier tells Captains of Industry "This is what you get if you employ someone like me".

Lord Ashcroft KCMG PC very kindly gave me permission to republish his article after I said I thought it should get the widest publicity.

5 July 2013

"Last week I invited a hundred major employers to an event at the Tower of London as part of the Veterans’ Transition Review I am conducting for the government. The aim of the day was to discuss what more can be done to ensure that those leaving the Armed Forces have the opportunities they deserve when embarking on the next stage of their career, and to make sure businesses take advantages of the phenomenal skills, talents and experience they have to offer.

One of the problems we have found is that most employers simply don’t understand what most military jobs involve, and so find it hard to picture what former service personnel could bring to their organisation. For that reason, I asked a young serving soldier, Corporal Lee Davidson of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, to come along and tell us what he does all day.

His talk was the highlight of the event and achieved its purpose of showing the kind of responsibility even a relatively junior commander has to handle. Lee was thoroughly engaging and utterly unfazed at addressing a room full of CEOs – indeed during the question and answer session two employers stood up and offered him jobs on the spot! The Army retains his services for now, I am pleased to report, and he is safely back in Cyprus. Here is what he had to say:"