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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Avoid the pain at airport security when travelling by air with these few tips.

Until recently I was one of the many who refuse to travel by air. However, as my wife and I want to travel on the Viking River Cruise from Holland to Budapest, via the Rhine and Danube, we found the fare included a return air flight from Budapest to London.

I have given this some thought and have come up with the following tips to take all this pain away, completely.

First of all, removing your belt is a pain. But, now manufacturers are beginning to make belts with plastic buckles. It's early days yet, but there are a few on Amazon. Search there for belts with plastic buckles.

The next tip is to buy a small shoulder bag just large enough to hold your shoes, and everything you carry in your pockets, but not so large that it won't go through the x-ray machine.

When you get to the airport, before going through "security" - is it true the guards have to have at least one year's schooling - check your 'hold' baggage in, and go and have a cup of coffee. Whilst sitting in comfort, change your shoes for your slippers (in the bag) and empty all your pockets into the bag.

When you go through security, sling your bag on the x-ray machine, walk through the electronic arch, and slip off your slippers for the guard to examine.

Then, when you are in the departure lounge, sit down on one of the chairs, and change back into your shoes, and replenish your pockets.

Job done! --- all in perfect comfort.


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