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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Avoid the pain at airport security when travelling by air with these few tips.

Until recently I was one of the many who refuse to travel by air. However, as my wife and I want to travel on the Viking River Cruise from Holland to Budapest, via the Rhine and Danube, we found the fare included a return air flight from Budapest to London.

I have given this some thought and have come up with the following tips to take all this pain away, completely.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

UKIP's weekly newsletter which private forum members receive.

Dear Ampers,

Over the last few days, there have been a few negative news stories about UKIP.  Much of today’s forum newsletter is about setting the record straight.  Firstly, there has been a big story about UKIP’s vote ‘dropping by 6%’ in an opinion poll.  This poll is produced by ICM and is a monthly opinion poll.  In April, they showed us at 9%.  In May, this increased to 18% and in June it is now 12%.  ICM’s methodology is one of the least favourable to UKIP – not only do they not include UKIP in the list of choices, but they also assume that voters who say ‘don’t know’ are likely to go back to their previous parties and include them to an extent in the figures.

The 18% result, from a company like ICM, was always likely to be a one-off result.  Polls claim to be within +/-3% of the correct result 95% of the time – but even this is only true so far as they’ve got their methodology right.  In other words, one poll in every 20 will be outside that ‘margin of error’.  But the sequence 9%, 18%, 12% suggests that perhaps it’s last month’s poll that was out of line.  There is a saying with political polling – “If a result is interesting, it’s probably wrong”.  The 18% was unusual, a long way out of the ordinary for a company which gives such low UKIP vote shares.  This astonishing change in a single month might suggest that there was some correction likely to follow.

So where are UKIP at the moment?  Firms like Opinium and Survation have shown us at above 20%, whilst ICM and now MORI say that we’re on 12%.  It’s hard to say where the Party’s support is overall, but the polls showing us on the lowest figures still group us in with ‘others’ despite the fact that we’re ahead of the Liberal Democrats in almost every poll.

Looking at all of the polls across all polling companies, comparing ‘like with like’ is the best way to see whether our support is going up or down.  The elections gave us a huge boost, and most of that boost has lasted – but we may have slipped one or two percentage points from last month’s peak.  This is unsurprising outside of an election period, and it is certainly not a cataclysmic loss of 6% in a short period of time.

Party Director Lisa Duffy issues call to arms in Aberdeen

With the Aberdeen Donside by-election coming up, the feeling on the ground is that - whilst Scottish elections are more difficult - there has been considerable progress and we should obtain our best ever by-election result in Scotland by quite some margin.  Party Director Lisa Duffy has asked for help from UKIP activists – whether they can get there in person, or are able to donate to help:

Monday, 10 June 2013

RECIPE: "Socks blowing" Baked Beans on Toast

We use Chilli quite a lot in African cuisine and I have designed "Baked Beans on Toast more the African way. I would advise care in using my quantities of ingredients, other than the baked beans of course. The following recipe will make two portions


1 onion (medium to large) I prefer large
1 Chilli (the hot kind) I prefer Scotch Bonnet
4 cloves of Garlic (large cloves)
1 piece of Ginger (1.5 cubic inches)
1 heaped teaspoon of Turmeric
1 tin of baked beans (420 grams) Use cheapest you can buy*
Olive Oil
2 slices of bread.

* If you buy cheapest, you'll get tasteless beans. You want tasteless as you will be making your own taste.