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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Read what the Germans are saying about Bulgarian and Romanian Immigrants

'They leave rubbish mountains taller than I am'.

Left-wing German mayor's rant at Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants who he says have sent town's crime soaring

    Duisburg mayor Soeren Link says Roma send children on 'stealing missions'
    Claims migrants costing authority millions in benefits and policing costs
    Anyone who thinks problem will disappear is 'misty eyed', says mayor
    Comes after report warned of 'social unrest' due to economic refugees

By Allan Hall

The mayor of a German city claims Romanian and Bulgarian migrants are causing havoc, committing crimes and costing his authority close to £15million a year to house, feed and police.
By Allan Hall
Soeren Link, the left-wing mayor of the former industrial city of Duisburg, close to the border with Holland, claims prostitution and robberies have spiked since the EU's latest members began arriving last year.

'We are massively affected,' said the mayor, confirming the fears of the Association of German Cities which recently warned of 'social unrest' because of the economic refugees.

 He spoke of rubbish mountains 'taller than I am' outside of dilapidated housing blocks in the district where, in one, 400 Bulgarians and Romanians are crammed into just over 40 apartments.

'Children are misused there and sent on stealing missions,' he claimed in a TV discussion about the problem.

Germany is the continent's most socially-minded nation with a lavish array of welfare benefits. Some Roma families are claiming over £2,000 a month in child welfare payments, even though they are technically not supposed to work in the country until January next year.

'It is costing us millions and will coFull article in the Daily Mailst us more by next year,' added Mr Link, who said anyone who thought the problem was going to go away was 'misty eyed'.

Full article in the Daily Mail

If this happens after January 2014 on a large scale in Britain, it could ensure that UKIP will make huge gains in the 2015 General Election!


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