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Thursday, 28 March 2013

My home made salad dressing

Salad dressing is expensive but over the years I have designed my own dressing.

Here is the formula. I make approximately 70cl at a time which lasts for quite a long time, even though we have salads around five times a week.

First of all, get a bottle twice the size as you will need to shake it vigorously every time you fill up your tabletop bottle. I use a 1.5 Ltr whisky bottle, if you haven't got one, buy a full one, finish it off over the next week or two and make the dressing then!

You will need a large bowl to mix the ingredients, as you will need to mix it all up with a whisk, preferably an electric one.  You will also need a large measuring jug as it will be easier to funnel the finished results into the bottle afterwards!

Into your large bowl, add:

100ml of Honey
200ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
130ml of Ground Nut or Rapeseed Oil
170ml of Cider Vinegar

If you measure the honey and then the oil, maybe the vinegar will loosen the honey and oil sticking to the measuring jug.

tablespoon = tbsp and teaspoon (5ml) = tsp

3 tbsp Dijon Mustard
2 tbsp Tabasco
3 tbsp Worcester Sauce
1 tbsp Paprika
5 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
3 tbsp Lemon Juice (I use the bottled variety)

1 tsp Salt
12 good size cloves Garlic) (I use garlic paste in a jar)

If you are using the cloves, you need to crush the cloves into very small bits, mix it with salt. But then you will need to strain the dressing to remove any lumps! If you are using garlic paste, add the salt directly into the bowl.

By having the 1.5 Ltr bottle, only half full, it is easy to shake it up before filling your table dressing bottle. And you must shake it well each time you fill it.

If you feel this could be improved upon, please add your ideas to 'Comments' below.


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