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Monday, 25 March 2013

An interesting but terribly frustrating problem!

Problem with my home internet

My suppliers:

Fibre unlimited broadband at 76mb speeds (£19.99 p.m.)

BT – Ordered by Plusnet
Openreach fibre modem (Huawei Technologies of China)

BiPAC 7800N four port plus EWAN Router connected to Openreach modem by Ewan ethernet.

My problem:

Since last July (2012) I have had problems with Internet connections and this has got steadily worse over the months until now, I lose Internet between five and twenty times every hour.

I can't even watch a ten minute YouTube video without it losing signal at least once, and often four or five times during that time.

The interesting point here is that it gets worse each day as the day progresses, yet Plusnet assure me that there is nothing wrong. During the evenings and weekends it is worse.

Billion kindly replaced my router a few weeks ago, but that didn't make any difference to the situation.

What do my readers think is wrong?

Please add anything you can add as comments below. I am interested in:

a} Any comments if you have had the same problem yourself.
b} Any comments if you have had adverse experiences with the above equipment.

I'll then direct my suppliers to this blog to hear what they have to say of my problems.


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