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Sunday, 24 March 2013

A fun packed day for UKIP

What a topic packed day! UKIP's attendance was up 30% on last year, and last year was packed!

Wish I could have been there,



9.30                         Film: Lost Horizons (27 mins)

10.00                       Opening: Tony McIntyre, UKIP SW

10.05                       Lisa Duffy, Party Director – Campaign
                                Report 2012-13

                                Margot Parker – The Lessons of Corby

                                Richard Elvin – Taking our Message North

                                Winston Mackenzie – Opportunities in
                                London's Black Communities

                                Diane James – The Eastleigh Experience

10.40                       Prof Tim Congdon – Europe Doesn't Work

10.55                       William Dartmouth MEP – The Truth
                                About Trade

11.10                       Coffee break

Rest of the day below:
11.30                       Jeremy Nicholson, Director, Energy
                                Intensive Users Group – Britain's Energy

11.45                       Slavi Binev MEP – The View from Bulgaria

12.00                       Nigel Farage MEP – Leader's Address

12.30                       Lunch

14.00                       Cllr Lawrence Webb
                                UKIP's first elected London councillor

14.15                       Julien Parrott –
                                The Journey From… Independent

14.30                       Neil Hamilton – UKIP's Social Policies

                                Carol Lovatt – Children & Families

                                Janice Atkinson – Welfare

                                Star Etheridge – Disability

15.10                       Tea break

15.30                       Alan Graves  and Angharad Yeo – The
                                Journey From… Labour

15.45                       Godfrey Bloom MEP – A New Approach to

16.00                       Paul Nuttall MEP – UKIP's Education Policy

16.10                       Cllr Pete Reeve – Tackling Housing &

16.20                       Rob Burberry & Chris Adams – Manifesto

16.40                       Mike Nattrass MEP – Developing
                                Transport Policy

17.00                       Stuart Wheeler – UKIP Treasury

                                Mark Harland – Sovereign Draw

                                Graham Knapman – Legacy Donation

17.20                       Steve Crowther, Party Chairman – Closing

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