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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A couple of simple tips for GMail users.

One major problem with email is that one's inbox tends to get over cluttered.

Full Delete
Sometimes we get onto a mailing list which we don't want to be on. Rather than getting angry, there is a better way. Simply click on the "More/Filter messages like these" button afinchley communitynd create a filter by clicking on "Skip the InBox" and also the "Delete it" button. Job Done. You'll see no more messages like these and the offending company will preen themselves in their number of readers not knowing that most people are doing this. I'll never see these emails again, ever!

Future Delete
Other times we get on a mailing list which brings up items that we are sometimes interested in. For example I am on the business card company: "VistaPrint" list and occasionally I have cards printed. They keep offering 500 cards free, and as I don't like paying for them, I want to be able to dip in now and again.

So I first set up a label called "Delete 30 days". I then set up a filter to "Skip the Inbox", then click on "Apply the Label" and from the pull down box, click on "Delete 30 days". I'll never see these in my inbox again, but they'll still be available.

My inbox is now manageable as over 90% of my emails aren't seen.

If you are in business, and have a PA, then some of your emails could be sent to her to filter for you.


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