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Thursday, 28 March 2013

My home made salad dressing

Salad dressing is expensive but over the years I have designed my own dressing.

Here is the formula. I make approximately 70cl at a time which lasts for quite a long time, even though we have salads around five times a week.

First of all, get a bottle twice the size as you will need to shake it vigorously every time you fill up your tabletop bottle. I use a 1.5 Ltr whisky bottle, if you haven't got one, buy a full one, finish it off over the next week or two and make the dressing then!

You will need a large bowl to mix the ingredients, as you will need to mix it all up with a whisk, preferably an electric one.  You will also need a large measuring jug as it will be easier to funnel the finished results into the bottle afterwards!

Into your large bowl, add:

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

UKIP's coming of age at the Exeter Spring Conference 2013.

I have extracted this article in full from the Ukipian (,com) website and you can read it, in situ, at this address. The Ukipian website has a varied amount of contributors and is well worth, not only a visit, but to book mark it if you are so inclined.


UKIP has moved beyond the EU

When David Cameron finally made his long-promised Europe speech there were some Tory commentators who suggested that UKIP would now perhaps like to stand aside at the general election in order to give Conservatives a clear run and thereby secure their long dreamt-of In/Out EU referendum.

The response from Ukipians was unsurprising: dream on!

And yet, many political observers have tended to regard UKIP as being somewhere between a single issue pressure group and a fully-fledged political party.

If that was ever true, it certainly isn’t now. At UKIP’s spring rally in Exeter over the weekend something remarkable took place; the party realised to its own surprise that it had stopped “banging on about Europe”.

This isn’t to say that getting out of the EU has ceased to be a defining and uniting characteristic of the party. It most certainly is still that. But the idea that if Britain does leave the EU within the next few years then UKIP members will go back to tending their roses and the party will wither away no longer has a shred of credibility.

Monday, 25 March 2013

An interesting but terribly frustrating problem!

Problem with my home internet

My suppliers:

Fibre unlimited broadband at 76mb speeds (£19.99 p.m.)

BT – Ordered by Plusnet
Openreach fibre modem (Huawei Technologies of China)

BiPAC 7800N four port plus EWAN Router connected to Openreach modem by Ewan ethernet.

My problem:

Since last July (2012) I have had problems with Internet connections and this has got steadily worse over the months until now, I lose Internet between five and twenty times every hour.

I can't even watch a ten minute YouTube video without it losing signal at least once, and often four or five times during that time.

The interesting point here is that it gets worse each day as the day progresses, yet Plusnet assure me that there is nothing wrong. During the evenings and weekends it is worse.

Billion kindly replaced my router a few weeks ago, but that didn't make any difference to the situation.

What do my readers think is wrong?

Please add anything you can add as comments below. I am interested in:

a} Any comments if you have had the same problem yourself.
b} Any comments if you have had adverse experiences with the above equipment.

I'll then direct my suppliers to this blog to hear what they have to say of my problems.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

This shows how easy it would be to get the UK back on its feet.

UKIP's Godfrey Bloom explains why our Government are causing misery for future generations and offers some easy solutions on what George Osborne could do to increase productivity and thus a greater income from texes to the Treasury Purse.


A fun packed day for UKIP

What a topic packed day! UKIP's attendance was up 30% on last year, and last year was packed!

Wish I could have been there,



9.30                         Film: Lost Horizons (27 mins)

10.00                       Opening: Tony McIntyre, UKIP SW

10.05                       Lisa Duffy, Party Director – Campaign
                                Report 2012-13

                                Margot Parker – The Lessons of Corby

                                Richard Elvin – Taking our Message North

                                Winston Mackenzie – Opportunities in
                                London's Black Communities

                                Diane James – The Eastleigh Experience

10.40                       Prof Tim Congdon – Europe Doesn't Work

10.55                       William Dartmouth MEP – The Truth
                                About Trade

11.10                       Coffee break

Rest of the day below:

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bobotie, traditional South African dish.

This has now been superseded by another Bobotie recipe here.

There are dozens of recipes for Bobotie and yellow rice, and I have used many of them. Alas, the modern recipes leave out some of the ingredients for convenience, but those Boboties never taste as nice. This is the full version.

Traditionally, the recipe which was put together by Cape Malay cooks in the Western Cape and was made with the meat left over from the Saturday dinner, it was minced and prepared, half on that evening, and half the following morning. Now for convenience we use Lamb mince. (Note it's not as nice with beef mince - and you might get horse!)

To get the full flavour of this dish, the first half should be made and semi-cooked the day before. Once nice point about this is if you are giving a dinner party. Put it in the oven the minute your guests arrive, and by the time you have had drinks, and the first course, the main meal is ready.

Here is the recipe, enjoy!

Bobotie with yellow rice

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Read this article for proof that Nadine Dorries is a UKIPper at heart.

There is an extract from Nadine Dorriis's article in Conservative Home. There is a link below to take you direct to their website. It is difficult, reading her article in full, to see how she can remain in the Conservative Party when she is so definitely of the UKIP persuasion.
... I don’t actually like the term ‘blue collar’ very much as, by implication, it excludes women and so from here on in I will use the socio economic terminology of C2s. It wasn’t an easy talk to give as all the way through I was very much aware that the C2s are no longer going to listen to a thing we say. They don’t trust any of the three main parties very much, any more.

Back in the day, when I grew up on my Liverpool council estate every member of Liverpool City council was Conservative. The city had eight Conservative MPs. The Conservative Party had a brand. It was known universally as the party of the family. C2s knew who and what they were voting for. The C2 family today lives a tough life. It will only take a minute or two of talking to a C2 before money crops up in the converRead this article fror proof that Nadine Dorriesation. They know the price of everything; they have to. They shop at Aldi for orange squash, washing powder, detergents, dog food, bread, biscuits and crisps and they go to Tesco for value fishcakes, mince, sausages and chicken. They buy vegetables on the market and only have fish if it is in the reduced aisle. A C2 mum knows if there is enough spare for the chippy on a Friday night and she would love to have enough to go to JBB Sports for the kid’s trainers rather than the market. They know the price of milk.

To those who are in work, job security is king. So when, in the Eastleigh by-election, Nigel Farage spoke about the UKIP immigration policy as being based on the Australian system, i.e. you are only allowed in if approved and have a skill we are missing and have a job offer to go to, C2s liked that. That policy meant job security. It meant no deluge of Eastern Europeans working for less than the minimum wage and distorting the job market. They lapped it up and they voted for it.

In 1997, C2s thought things were going to get better. They hummed the tune and waited. They got worse. Their dizzyingly high expectations were dashed on the rocks of deceit. In 2009, the MP expenses crisis took a grip and diminished the public view of all politicians and political parties. There is now a new kid on the block untainted by a history of non-delivery, its name is UKIP and its leader speaks in the language of the C2. Funnily enough, he’s speaking very much in the language of the Tory party of old and, unless I am very mistaken, seems to articulating the policies the Conservative party abandoned in our badly thought out and implemented programme of crass ‘we’re all hip now, yah, really’ modernisation.

How to attract the C2 voter isn’t brain surgery. It involves adopting the policies that provide people with aspiration, security and keeping more of what they earn in their pockets. However, to recognise those policies, one needs to understand and know the C2 voter.

So, here’s a list of what Tories need to promise C2 to win them back;

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A couple of simple tips for GMail users.

One major problem with email is that one's inbox tends to get over cluttered.

Full Delete
Sometimes we get onto a mailing list which we don't want to be on. Rather than getting angry, there is a better way. Simply click on the "More/Filter messages like these" button afinchley communitynd create a filter by clicking on "Skip the InBox" and also the "Delete it" button. Job Done. You'll see no more messages like these and the offending company will preen themselves in their number of readers not knowing that most people are doing this. I'll never see these emails again, ever!

Future Delete
Other times we get on a mailing list which brings up items that we are sometimes interested in. For example I am on the business card company: "VistaPrint" list and occasionally I have cards printed. They keep offering 500 cards free, and as I don't like paying for them, I want to be able to dip in now and again.

So I first set up a label called "Delete 30 days". I then set up a filter to "Skip the Inbox", then click on "Apply the Label" and from the pull down box, click on "Delete 30 days". I'll never see these in my inbox again, but they'll still be available.

My inbox is now manageable as over 90% of my emails aren't seen.

If you are in business, and have a PA, then some of your emails could be sent to her to filter for you.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Why I read @AllisterHeath every day at City AM and why you might find him informative!

 As far as I am concerned, for the best City news, I prefer the City AM newspaper to the Financial Times. Granted there is a lot of information and advertising in the Financial Times but it is extremely costly. The City AM newspaper is free and is available weekday mornings in stands all over London. I get mine in one of the two stands in Finchley.

I don't always have time to read the entire newspaper, but always read the editor;  Allister's column. Read the following and you'll understand why. And, I follow him on Twitter at @AllisterHeath

We need to take radical action
to avoid a return to mediocrity
by Allister Heath
March 11, 2013

SOMETIMES, we worry about the wrong things. The biggest issue facing the UK is not a triple-dip recession, or further downgrades, or yet another higher than expected budget deficit. All of these would be bitter, painful blows, especially the first, but they would also be of a temporary, short-term nature. Our real problems are structural, not cyclical: there is a growing possibility that Britain will face years of stagnation, the entrenchment of relative decline and a return to mediocrity.

Our country is increasingly uncompetitive; the cost of living, from the price of basics to that of middle class school fees, keeps on rising; taxes are far too high, and yet only cover £5 out of ever £6 spent by the state; public spending is worth over 49 per cent of GDP, according to the OECD; rules and red tape are killing initiative; housing is scarce and too expensive; our health service is below the international standard; we are crippling our most successful industries and failing to grow others; and an ugly poliWe need to take radical action to avoid a return to mediocrity

We need to take radical action to avoid a return to mediocritytics of envy, emotionalism, intolerance and permanent outrage dominates the public discourse.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Read what the Germans are saying about Bulgarian and Romanian Immigrants

'They leave rubbish mountains taller than I am'.

Left-wing German mayor's rant at Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants who he says have sent town's crime soaring

    Duisburg mayor Soeren Link says Roma send children on 'stealing missions'
    Claims migrants costing authority millions in benefits and policing costs
    Anyone who thinks problem will disappear is 'misty eyed', says mayor
    Comes after report warned of 'social unrest' due to economic refugees

By Allan Hall

The mayor of a German city claims Romanian and Bulgarian migrants are causing havoc, committing crimes and costing his authority close to £15million a year to house, feed and police.
By Allan Hall
Soeren Link, the left-wing mayor of the former industrial city of Duisburg, close to the border with Holland, claims prostitution and robberies have spiked since the EU's latest members began arriving last year.

'We are massively affected,' said the mayor, confirming the fears of the Association of German Cities which recently warned of 'social unrest' because of the economic refugees.

 He spoke of rubbish mountains 'taller than I am' outside of dilapidated housing blocks in the district where, in one, 400 Bulgarians and Romanians are crammed into just over 40 apartments.

'Children are misused there and sent on stealing missions,' he claimed in a TV discussion about the problem.

Germany is the continent's most socially-minded nation with a lavish array of welfare benefits. Some Roma families are claiming over £2,000 a month in child welfare payments, even though they are technically not supposed to work in the country until January next year.

'It is costing us millions and will coFull article in the Daily Mailst us more by next year,' added Mr Link, who said anyone who thought the problem was going to go away was 'misty eyed'.

Full article in the Daily Mail

If this happens after January 2014 on a large scale in Britain, it could ensure that UKIP will make huge gains in the 2015 General Election!


The history of Political Correctness A 'must read' article

Political Correctness: The Scourge of Our Times
Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton
Monday, April 8, 2002

Does anyone know the origins of Political Correctness? Who originally developed it and what was its purpose?

I looked it up. It was developed at the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, Germany, which was founded in 1923 and came to be known as the "Frankfurt School." It was a group of thinkers who pulled together to find a solution to the biggest problem facing the implementers of communism in Russia.

The problem? Why wasn't communism spreading?
Answer? Because Western Civilization was in its way.

What was the problem with Western Civilization? Its belief in the individual, that an individual could develop valid ideas. At the root of communism was the theory that all valid ideas come from the effect of the social group of the masses. The individual is nothing.

And they believed that the only way for communism to advance was to help (or force, if necessary) Western Civilization to destroy itself. How to do that? Undermine its foundations by chipping away at the rights of those annoying individuals.

One way to do that? Change their speech and thought patterns by spreading the idea that vocalizing your beliefs is disrespectful to others and must be avoided to make up for past inequities and injustices.

And call it something that sounds positive: "Political Correctness." Inspired by the brand new communist technique, Mao, in the 1930s, wrote an article on the "correct" handling of contradictions among the people. "Sensitive training" – sound familiar? – and speech codes were born.

In 1935, after Hitler came to power, the Frankfurt School moved to New York City, where they continued their work by translating Marxism from economic to cultural terms using Sigmund Freud's psychological conditioning mechanisms to get Americans to buy into Political Correctness. In 1941, they moved to California to spread their wings.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Why tens of thousand whites are murdered in South Africa

If a picture paints a thousand words, how many words does this video paint?

Alas, although this is the truth, it will be unpalatable for most people. But within thirty years after I am dead, the white Christians in Britain will be subject to death and torture as well. Although you have forsaken my country, I hope to God, that someone comes to your aid.


The democratic case for withdrawing from the EU


In a hurry? Want to skip the detail? Here’s A ONE MINUTE SUMMARY...

EU membership means that Britain has transferred so many powers to European level that we are largely ruled by the EU.

If we stay in, we will not just be legally unable to take back these powers and govern ourselves. We will be committed to having even more of our lives run at EU level. (This is known as economic and political integration, or ‘ever closer union’).

The current membership agreement, the Treaty of Lisbon, has words which sound like it is possible to take powers back, but after looking closely at the EU legal system, this is an illusion.