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Sunday, 3 February 2013

The onward march of UKIP - Membership explosion!

There was much disappointment amongst the general public when David Cameron gave his much publicised and awaited 'referendum' speech.

The idea of a referendum in five years time did not satisfy many people, apart from 'dyed in the wool' Labour and Tory supporters. On the whole it was all just 'pie in the sky'.

If anything, the speech has driven many people, both Tory and Labour into the bosom of the UK Independence Party. In fact, Gawain Towler, the UKIP Press Officer, in a recent press release, gives out figures which show that membership has increased significantly during the seven days after the speech.

One particular figure stands out. UKIP membership increased
233.03% in the seven days after the speech against the seven days previous to the speech. This has seen a lot of administrative work in the UKIP head office put into abeyance as it is all hands on deck answering the phone and taking new membership requests and credit card payments.

I cannot verify one particular set of figures which have been indicated to me by a senior UKIP representative. This is that the number of ex-Labour supporters joining UKIP is surging, especially after the Rotherham fiasco. And, that if figures continue to increase at this rate, UKIP will consist of an equal amount of Labour and Tory ex-members. Then, of course, there are a lot of UKIP members who had given up voting at all until our publicity started to surge.
Then there is the misinformation on our cost of being within the EU. In his book "How Much Does the European Union Cost Great Britain?" Professor Tim Congdon CBE sets out the cost of us being in the European Union.

You can now download Prof Tim Congdon's authoritative booklet from this link.

Finally, here is a video by George Carlin. Although this is about Americans and America, it could also have been made for the UK. In fact I would hazard a guess that it is the same for any Western country. George is very funny and puts across our problems in a very succinct manner.

The man is

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