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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

In reponse to my Western Cape story

I received an email from one of my readers, who sent in a story from South Africa. I have turned it into a blog because it illustrates two South Africas. The first, the extremely successful Western Cape, run my the Democratic alliance who, to be honest, are starting to make inroads all over South Africa, but still have a way to go.

The second South Africa is under the control of the present government whose major party, the ANC seems to be riddled with corruption and cannot escape their battles decades ago with the Apartheid government, which thankfully is no more. I left Sough Africa, at fifteen, because even at that young age, I was disconcerted at entire races being subjected to the dominance of the government at that time. alas, the ANC, as a party, cannot escape from that era.

Here is the email from my reader and her attachment from a South African living in neighbouring Botswana.
Hi Andrew,

A friend of mine in Botswana sent this to me this morning, and I think you may be interested in it.
Sorry I haven't been on Twitter very much but I take the cat back to my daughter on Saturday, then go on to friend in Scarborough for a week, and once I return home I shall be able to spend as much time as I like on Twitter as whilst the cat has been here I have been on edge all the time as she chews through cables when I am not with her, (she does it when I am there too, so I lose both ways!). I have loved reading your Ampers Rants - and agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments expressed in them. Keep up the splendid work.
Kind regards,
Xxxxxx (name removed to protect the guilty)

Oscar - we all lose.
25 February 2013.
The fallout of Oscar Pistorius' actions and case will undoubtedly add to the already heavily loaded negative perception internationally of South Africa and it's people.

Bad policing, rampant violence and murder, corrupt government officials and private citizens, out of control drug abuse and excessive poverty all contributes to the sad but truly negative perception of South Africa.

Without pre-judging Warrant Officer Hilton Botha and the manner with which he conducted the investigation, it is a known fact that the South African Police has become severely crippled in recent years.

Disgruntled and shamed, dedicated, properly trained career policemen and women have left the police in their thousands and still are. They are not replaced by proficient officers.

The present status quo of our police force must be blamed on Mr. Bheki Cele and his "shoot to kill" policy. It is my belief that Mr. Cele had pulled the pin out of the hand grenade when his arrogant approach to law and order suddenly became the norm. This approach has unleashed a culture of reckless policing in the most shocking form!

I doubt many European people realise that Pistorius, like President Zuma, like the Julius Malema débâcle and many, many others before them, has through their actions compounded and reinforced the decision of many an investor to "spend elsewhere".

In a country where the President, Jacob Zuma, wastes in excess of R200m [£15m]*** on a homestead whilst there are provinces where school text books are lacking for thousands of children we can ill afford this type of negative publicity.

Mr. Lekota recently commented in parliament that thousands of children could have matriculated with the money wasted by the President on Nkandla. Mr. Lekota is absolutely right. We need education now more than ever. We do not need conceited wastefulness. We don not need bling.

When considering the smallest fact that Oscar Pistorius's sponsors, though on a micro level, contributed towards the South African economy, people still don't stop to think how this is negatively affecting South Africa on a macro level.

I have kept an eye on international coverage of the murder as I felt this would be more objective than local broadcasts. What I noticed was chilling in the least. The commentary on major broadcasts of the state of our nation is sickening. This is where the eye of the world is on us. This is where we are hurt most.

The coverage of Reeva's murderer's bail application told the rest of the world the truth about South Africa. Cold, hard statistics. Rape statistics. Crime statistics. Murder statistics. Government failure. Police shame. All of this through international news media coverage

We are tarnished, and not many clever companies and organisations would spend their money on a country that has come to be looked upon so badly.

Suddenly Oscar Pistorius's website has become devoid of sponsors logos. Business decisions have been made. Don't support this, is the message. I am fully in agreement with these sponsors. This is how things should be. Companies cannot be seen to condone violence against women and children.

This is all truly terribly, terribly sad. There are decent, upstanding people left in South Africa. Magistrate Desmond Nair is a prime example. He was a compassionate observer throughout the application. His judgement was word for word correct. He is a humble and fair man. I salute him, and the countless other upstanding South African citizens like him.

Sadly, the world does not see this part of our nation though.

As much as I hate the fact, it remains a fact - by killing Reeva Steenkamp in cold blood, Oscar Pistorius turned every one of us South Africans into sad losers!
 *** Coincidentally, this is the amount the British Prime Minister sent to Jacob Zuma in British Aid.

If you read this as an illustration of the ANC's government, then look at my blog showing the tremendous inroads the Western Cape have made, you will see that there is, indeed, two South Africas. The sooner the DA wins control of the whole country, there is little chance of life improving for many South Africans.

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