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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My "feelings" on the chancellor's budget statement 2012-12-05

At half past twelve I tuned in to BBC Parliament and listened to Osborne's statement, opposition Chancellor Balls' reply, Osborne's reply to Balls, and then Chancellor's questions through to 3pm when I felt I had heard enough.

Thoughts and feelings are different, and there will be enough tax accountants writing about their thoughts on the statement, so I thought I'd just write about my feelings on the subject.

On listening to Osborne’s statement, and knowing that it would be a matter of immediate resignation if he is caught out on a lie, I felt that he was, on the whole, pretty truthful. Although, I also knew that he would be presenting bad information in the best possible light.

I was astounded at Balls' response. At no time since I started watching these proceeding each year since way back when "Rab" Butler (R.A.Butler) was chancellor, have I ever witnessed such an appalling reply. He was inarticulate and stumbling throughout, even praising Osborne (in error) and had to retract and repeat what he really meant. He also seemed to be reading from a long prepared speech, written before he knew what was going to be said.

Osborne’s reply to Balls' reply was short and pithy and did bring a smile to my face.

On the whole, Osborne came over as extremely articulate and Balls exactly the opposite. I had the feeling that, not only was Osborne more intellectual, he was also brighter in the "street" sense.
And then MP's questions to the Chancellor. This started shortly after one o'clock and I watched and listened to the questions until three o'clock; by then I thought I had heard enough to write my blog.

It is only by listening to both sides state their questions, and listening to the Chancellor's replies that one can come to any meaningful feelings on the situation.

The one feeling which I received both from Balls, and the Labour MPs asking questions, was the terrible envy they have for the rich and successful; it's as if Labour wants to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Whenever they are going on about this, even their faces twist into hatred and bitterness.

On the whole, the Conservatives seem to be genuinely pleased with Osborne's help for small business and the increase in the tax free allowance. However, one got the feeling from a lot of the Labour MPs that they wanted to promote hatred for the South from people living in the North. Evidently forgetting the inroads the Conservatives are beginning to make, and the promises of votes UKIP are beginning to receive, in the North of England.

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