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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Foreign Aid; a better way for Britain to gain by this.

President Zuma of South Africa has built himself a Palace costing £17,000,000. The South African Government paid for this as follows: £2,000,000 out of the exchequer and £15,000,000 from the British Tax-payer in the form of Prime Minister Cameron's generous foreign aid policy with money he claws from the British citizens by the method of collecting their increasing taxes.

This has to stop. If we have to give foreign aid, then it should not go to despots to arm their forces against their citizens, build huge palaces, or top up their Swiss bank accounts. There must be a better way, and there is.

By giving credits, which have to be spent in Britain, on British products and British expertise, we will, at a stroke, deny the use of arms to be used against citizens, deny other countries gaining sales of products at our expense, and increase work for British people, in Britain, manufacturing the products that these countries buy.

In addition to this, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will be able to claw back some of its foreign aid by paying less benefits to people now in work, more taxes from those people in work, more corporation taxes from companies making the goods, and no end of additional taxes from an economy which may start to boom.

If the foreign governments don't want to buy British, all they need to do is to tear up the credits. The Chancellor will still gain.

If those in Britain reading my blog agree with this, please write to your MP, including the link to this page to your letter.


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