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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

For England to be successful, we should adopt this educational idea

This is a 20 minute TED video. It starts with a horrific story of how, although this woman proved xraying pregnant women caused cancer in children, it was 25 years before the medical profession stopped doing this.

But this is just the beginning of an intriguing tale of how a woman hired someone who totally disagreed with her, with the job of proving her theories false. No "yes men" around her. What a difference to business today!

She then talks about a University who sets a test before taking on a graduate for a PhD course. The person has to list five ideas or theories that they believe in, it can be anything under the sun, and they have to support them against the Universities best intellectuals, to prove they can marshal and defend their ideas.

Finally she makes the suggestion that there are too few PhD students, and that we have to introduce this down to school level.Imagine the benefit to our young if they have to prepare a theory or idea, and to be able to thoroughly defend it from attack by their classmates, and what the classmates will get by learning how to take an idea to pieces? How much more useful this would be than the socialist drivel our young have drummed into them.



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