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Friday, 7 December 2012

Cameron gives all our money away to Swiss and Caymen island bankers. There's a better way.

We give 0.7% of our GDP to third world countries.

We could inctrease that, with a fanfare of trumpets, to 1% to help nullify the howls of anguish from the disreputable lefties.

My plan is to give these countries vouchers which have to be spent in Britain, buying goods made or assembled in Britain, or the hiring of British experts to help with farming and manufacturing advice.

There are negative and positive issues here.

The politicians of these countries, together with bankers in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and the Cayman Islands will howl with rage at not being able to get their hands on our tax-payers hard earned cash. The howls of rage from the disreputable lefties will probably be even louder.

Because the money will have to be spent in Britain, industry and experts will be making more money and paying more taxes. More jobs in Britain will be created so the Government will, apart from gaining in NHS contributions and taxes,save money expended on the benefits system as more people will be employed.

Never forget, the government does not have money. They only have tax-payers money. Someone recently said, "but they can borrow money" to which the reply is, "the tax-payer has to pay it back. "

There is a chance that some third world countries will be so incensed that they will refuse aid, but if this happens, we should let them know that, should they do this, we will give their share of vouchers to their neighbours, and we should choose the neighbours these politicians hate. In Africa every country has neighbours they detest.

We can continue to help the third world, but lets choose a way that helps us.

If the countries choose to go with China or Russia, we shouldn't mind as Africans in particular are smart and know there are unpleasant strings attached to aid from these two superpowers.


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