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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Patents, Smartphones, UKIP Rising, and Home problems


I have been following the patent infringements between Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft and know, for a fact, that these large companies file hundreds, if not thousands, of patents each month, whether they intend to use them or not.

I suggest a new rule regarding patents. This is that a company loses their patent if they don't actually use it in a product within twelve months. This would make sure that this ridiculous merry-go-round stops and companies only file patents which they honestly intend to use.

Home Deliveries

It is very bad that companies still give an eight our delivery slot for a home delivery. Supermarkets and Majestic wines manage to give a two hour slot.

Many people are at work during the week and have to lose a complete days pay to be home for a delivery – which is often more than the cost of the product they are purchasing.

Amazon use several couriers but their best one s DPD. These people send you an email just after 8am stating a one hour delivery slot during the day. Their van is loaded, a route has been set out, and sending the email is entirely automated. They have never missed their slot yet with me.

Why can't other companies do this. Well done DPD.

Apple v Samsung

Recently I read that Samsung are outselling the iPhone with their smartphones alone.

Perhaps the reason for this is Samsung give a good number of choices for which phone you may buy, Apple give only one, ie their iPhone5. Take it or leave it!

Or perhaps Apple won't let you have an app to use Google Maps on their phone even though their own map app is atrocious! Google allow all and sundry aboard their Apps website.

Apple shares have fallen about 20% recently and I had got out a week before they started falling, you don't think... ? No! Wasn't me mate!

Footnote: Just found Samsung have outsold iPhone5 just with one model, the Galaxy S3 – naturally it is the one I have!

UKIP on the rise

UKIP have a few bye-elections coming up. One with Margot Parker, a businesswomen in Corby who seems to be a success with the locals. Perhaps they have a 75% chance of driving the Tories into second, and even a 5% chance of actually winning the seat.

In North Croydon, the UKIP Cultural and Sports spokesman, Winston McKenzie from the Caribbean, is standing. I have known Winston for a long time and he is a great fellow, always with his eye on the ball. Who says UKIP are racists, Winston is one of their official spokesmen.

There are also a number of UKIP standing in November as Police Commissioners (PCC) and their views on crime and victims totally different to the Tories and Socialists in that they are totally on the side of the victim.

Problems at home

My blog has slowed down this year. My darling wife, Pam, has had a few problems and in March had to go into hospital for a month. The hospital was a three hour round trip from home and I was determined to visit every day so the nurses and doctors could see someone cared and would be extra careful. She has now caught “High Anxiety Syndrome” and I have to be with her twenty-four hours a day. This has sapped my will for writing the blog a little and, in addition to all this, I have had an extremely bad cough which has triggered my asthma since September, and this doesn't show signs of abating. I am lucky to get four hours sleep a night.

But life goes on and I hope you won't mind me doing an "Arnie"...

I'll be back!


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