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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Why UKIP should be against an IN/OUT Referendum

We, in UKIP, should change our whole stance with regards to an IN/OUT referendum on the European Union (EU).

The major problem with such a referendum would be finance.

On the OUT side you would have UKIP, admitted with the best reasons and answers, but with very limited resources.

On the IN side, apart from the Conservatives, Socialists and Liberal Democrats, each with more resources than our party to throw at the campaign, have you thought about the amount the EU would also throw at such a campaign?

Look at it from their point of view. If Britain voted OUT, that would start the break up of the EU. Remember, these unelected bureaucrats are pursuing a dream. There is nothing more dangerous than a person with a dream, if it is, in reality, a nightmare.

They have unlimited resources they could call upon and this would be in billions, if not tens of billions. They would use a carrot and stick. Paint such a picture of woe that the majority of our voters might be frightened into voting for the IN sector. In addition, the EU would make paper concessions which in due course would end, to encourage people to vote IN.

The more intelligent of our country wouldn't be fooled, but these people wouldn't be trying to persuade the more intelligent, they would be after the rest of the public.

Our best bet is to fight every election, whether council, general, EU or police commissioners to get experience of such actions. Then we must get people into Westminster. Once we get enough MPs to become the junior part of a coalition, we could say although we would aid the majority party, this would only be in votes that didn't concern the European Union. This would be a real headache for both the Conservatives and the Socialists. As our seats increase, so would our power to pull out increase.

What if we go for both?

What do you think our chances would be if a fair IN/OUT question was asked, and the answer would be to stay in? We'd be a busted flush in the country as a whole.


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