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Monday, 15 October 2012

How to extend your smartphone's battery life.

First of all, I must declare an interest. I have owned a large portfolio of Apple shares for over fifteen years.

However, when looking to upgrade to a smartphone I chose Samsung. Why did I do that you may ask?

Simple, it is all about battery life.

I looked at the three larger players, Apple, Samsung and HTC and after a very short time discounted Apple and HTC because their batteries are wired in. This means you can't exchange your battery without sending the phone back and the manufacturers won't put in a larger third party battery.

Within a few weeks of owning my Galaxy S3 I found I had accumulated over 160 apps, and my phone would run out of battery before the day was out. I needed a phone where the battery would last from 7am to midnight, where I could use all sorts of apps including the battery intensive poker games and twitter.

Why, oh why, do these companies vie to supply the thinnest, slimmest phones when what we want is good performance?

My article is about extending battery life and, although I start with Samsung; HTC and Apple owners can still do something–more about that later. 

 You can buy an extended life battery with a deeper but smart extra back to accomodate the larger battery. The phone isn't much thicker and still looks the bees knees.

You can buy the larger battery from Amazon UK for your Samsung Galaxy S3. Check out for: "NEW ELMIJ High Performance Extended Battery" and add white or blue depending on which colour S3 you have. Price £22.99. There are extended batteries for other Samsung models also listed.

I had heard the UK battery was not as good as the USA Hyperion battery which is sold on Look for: "Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII Extended Battery + White Back Cover" or change white for Blue, at $19.99. The plus is that this battery has the NFC chip for copying to other phones, the minus is that won't ship to the UK but I have a friend over there who sent it on to me.

I now have a phone I can use really heavily on the longest day.

If you have an iPhone or an HTC One-x then you can buy, on, the following power pack. Look for: "Anker® Astro3 10000mAh External Battery Pack" Cost: £32.99 and has 148 five star reviews at the time of writing.

If you carry a satchel, you can have your Apple or HTC charging as you go along. If I go away for a long weekend, the power pack takes care of all my charging on my Samsung.

I own both the Hyperion battery and the Anker power pack and can recommend both. The latter also charges up my Netbook and camera and comes with a large assortment of plugs and sockets.

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