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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Why UKIP should be against an IN/OUT Referendum

We, in UKIP, should change our whole stance with regards to an IN/OUT referendum on the European Union (EU).

The major problem with such a referendum would be finance.

On the OUT side you would have UKIP, admitted with the best reasons and answers, but with very limited resources.

On the IN side, apart from the Conservatives, Socialists and Liberal Democrats, each with more resources than our party to throw at the campaign, have you thought about the amount the EU would also throw at such a campaign?

Monday, 15 October 2012

How to extend your smartphone's battery life.

First of all, I must declare an interest. I have owned a large portfolio of Apple shares for over fifteen years.

However, when looking to upgrade to a smartphone I chose Samsung. Why did I do that you may ask?

Simple, it is all about battery life.

I looked at the three larger players, Apple, Samsung and HTC and after a very short time discounted Apple and HTC because their batteries are wired in. This means you can't exchange your battery without sending the phone back and the manufacturers won't put in a larger third party battery.

Within a few weeks of owning my Galaxy S3 I found I had accumulated over 160 apps, and my phone would run out of battery before the day was out. I needed a phone where the battery would last from 7am to midnight, where I could use all sorts of apps including the battery intensive poker games and twitter.

Why, oh why, do these companies vie to supply the thinnest, slimmest phones when what we want is good performance?

My article is about extending battery life and, although I start with Samsung; HTC and Apple owners can still do something–more about that later. 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

If you pay Council Tax, this will make you spit blood

The following video is only twelve minutes long, it shows how each and every council in Britain, whether controlled by the Conservatives, the Socialists, the Liberal Democrats, and I believe UKIP and the Greens also control a council, has to pay out billions of pounds annually.

To keep the video short, they only mention eight areas where Brussels are costing Council Tax Payers, so much money.

Wherever you live266 in Great Britain, if you pay Council Tax, to any flavour of Council, it affects you, and you are paying through the nose.

It also mentions that from 2013, when present draft EU legislation is complete, we are going to have huge Continental juggernauts on our roads, and Council Tax payers are going to have to pick up the tab for road damage.

There is nothing you can do about it as it will never stop whilst we are governed by the unelected bureaucrats in the EU. And alas, there is nothing your MP or the PM can do about it either.

What I readlly don't understand is, why do they hate us so much?