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Monday, 9 July 2012

Why education is of vital importance?

Here is probably the best illustration I have seen of how an educated person (in this case, Lord Christopher Monkton - UKIP politician, former newspaper editor and journalist) can devastate someone (in this case, a Greenpeace representative).

By educated, I am not just referring to a University degree as both participants in this ten minute confrontation are probably university educated, but I mean education combined with a logical incisive mind and the ability to quickly marshal facts for presentation, whilst in conversation.
Lord Monkton was educated in Cambridge, and one of the deciding facters of accepting him was probably his incisive mind, rather than his hereditary peerage or any possible A's in is GCE A Levels. This is how Cambridge, and Oxford works, at least until our Government, in their wisdom, has decided to destroy their ability of producing top notch people.


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