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Monday, 21 May 2012

I hated shaving! At least until now.

Over the years I have always purchased the best electric shaver on the market. Until recently I used the top of the range Braun shaver and could shave my difficult beard in about six minutes flat.

Then Panasonic bought out their range. I have a lot of Panasonic items as I like the gear Panasonic produces. I have a Panasonic TV, Video recorder, Breadmaker, Microwave and Camera. Panasonic are seldom first to market but they evidently study the market and they bring out a better version.

Over the last year I have kept my eye on their shavers and when my Braun started slowing down, I purchased the top of the range Panasonic with five shave blades. Around £320 but Amazon were selling at £220 so I took the opportunity of saving £100.

The Panasonic, with its five blades cut down my shaving to just over three minutes. If I am not going out I try not to shave until after 10:30am as the beard grows more between 9:30am and 10:30am – please don't ask me why! By doing this I am clean shaven even in the evening.

If I want an extra close shave, I wash my face and put on shaving gel before using the electric shaver. Yes, it will work that way, you can even shave in the bath to save time whilst you are soaking and if you drop it, no problem.

This is certainly the best shaver I have ever owned and I started using electric shavers around 40 years ago – so I have a few under my belt.

The shaver comes with a “bucket” for cleaning, but you don't have to use the expensive cleaning solution every day. In fact I only use it once a week.

After a shave, I take off the blades, and run them, with the head, under a fierce cold tap for a minute to clean it. I then place it in the bucket and click on “dry” and the bucket will ensure that every part of the head and blades are totally dried. On Sundays I do the same, but click "dry and clean", and it uses the special solution for cleaning after it has dried the shaver.

Was it worth the extra £100 over the Braun price of my previous razor? If one looks at the difference between the two, I would give that an unequivocal yes. If looking at the price as a whole, rather than the difference, it all depends on how quickly you want to get the ordeal over – if in fact you even think of it as an ordeal!

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