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Saturday, 10 March 2012

I have joined the army for Kony2012.

Please watch this 27 minute video and when you have, please send this link to everyone you know. They have a Facebook presence and also a Google+ presence.

My hat is raised to the young American who has decided to do something about this evil man in Ugunda. Mind you, when I first clicked the video, I thought, same old sob stuff - you know, the stuff we have all become immune to. But this is, I assure you, completely different and the idea is novel, amazing, and will be the one thing which will terrify the despots of this world.

Don't take my word for it, watch the video. If you are not moved by it, you must be a really heartless person. Its OK, you can keep your wallet in your pocket, "Ernie Wise style" there are other things you can do which won't cost you a penny, like following the suggestion in the first paragraph above.


PS Just been reading some of the information in newspapers. Very interesting. Uganda says Kony hasn't been in Uganda for six years, although he repeatedly raids for new recruits across the Ugandan border. Others say it is a government front to prepare the people for intervention - what rubbish, there is no oil there!

No need to give money but there is a need to increase his profile so let everyone know about it. It's real, he is there in Africa, he is killing children who won't fight for him. Nobody, even the people condemning the video, deny this. This alone is worth spreading the word. And to those who say giving him publicity puts him on his guard, the more tension created by being on his guard 24 hours a day, the sooner he'll crack up and make real errors of judgement.

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