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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Afrikaner Blood

The following video has won a prize, it is a little frightening and I have very mixed feelings.

I approve of Afrikaners keeping their language and culture alive against the continue onslaught on them by the ANC Government, but I do not approve of indoctrination of anyone, let alone the young.

I approve of Afrikaners learning to protect themselves - thousands of Afrikaans farmers have been slaughtered on their farms since 1994. But I do not approve of them seeing every "black" as the enemy. They're not. I have many black friends  both in Britain and South Africa, and they are all African, bright, and cheerful. There are good and bad in all races, and most Afrikaner friends I have, all over the world, will be a little disturbed over this - whilst at the same time approving of the parts that I approve of.

There are also many black groups firmly anti-white. Julius Malemo - the ex leader of the ANC Youth Movement hated the whites and still accuses them of all the ills of the Government who, incidentally, have been in power for seventeen years now.

You make up your own mind:


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