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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Virgin must pay peanuts!

My phone is with Virgin Mobile.

Three months ago the phone would take a call, ring once, and send it direct to voicemail.

I complained about a dozen times, and received a dozen different excuses. One of the more recent ones was "It is because you live near a railway line" Bollocks I said, what about other people who travel on trains and receive calls on their mobiles? They are sitting on the bleddy rails.

I might have toned down my language a little but not that much!

Anyway I shot each excuse down in flames. All these young kids trying to blind me with false logic. They forget - and I have told them in the past - that I have been an IT Journalist for over thirty years and have more than a basic knowledge about cellphones and how they work.

Finally, three months later, I got a call from a girl called Bev, certainly no monkey. She listened, first of all, and I gave her a surprised full marks for that. She asked me for my landline number and rang me there and told me not to touch my mobile for a few minutes.

After that she told me it will not work for a few minutes and then told me that, when I get a new call, it will now ring me for thirty seconds before going into voicemail. It does.

One shining jewel in a crown of nettles.

I am not sure whether other mobile companies have similarly stupid staff but I am definitely leaving Virgin at the end of March when my contract expires. I could not guarantee getting hold of Bev whenever I needed some problem sorted.

I will be going to a company which uses O2, charges £10 a month for 450 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited Internet. The "unlimited" is not restricted to 1GB Internet either. And what is better, no idiots in support.

They don't have a support, support is given by other uses who earn points exchangeable for cash, for helping people. And as you no doubt are aware, many users are more knowledgeable than the drones in your companies mobile support.

After I have tested the company for a while I will write a blog about them so no names until I know what I am talking about.

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