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Monday, 9 January 2012

What would happen if China based their troops in Texas? This awesome video explains all.

This is absolutely awesome and watching it, you will see why only one of the candidates for the Republicans is worth being President of the United States of America.

Do you know how many American forces bases there are around the world? Not even the American Government is sure of the number. This is from The Occasional Planet's website:

When it comes to accountability, you’d probably hope that  the US military would be rather exacting, right? Sorry. The answer to the seemingly simple question, “How many military bases does  America have outside of our own country?” is not at all simple.

In a recent article in Asia Times, investigative reporter Nick Turse calls the answer to that question, “…the one number no American knows. Not the president. Not the Pentagon. Not the experts. No one.”
You can’t get a consistent answer from news stories, that’s for sure. Recent articles, media reports and op-eds peg the number variously at 460, 507, 560, 662 and more than 1,000. Depending on whom you ask or what source you consult, writes Turse:
“there are more than 1,000 US military bases dotting the globe. To be specific, the most accurate count is 1,077. Unless it’s 1,088. Or, if you count differently, 1,169. Or even 1,180. Actually, the number might even be higher. Nobody knows for sure.”
Going straight to the source [of course, of course] doesn’t help, either. According to the Department of Defense’s 2010 Base Structure Report, as of 2009, the US military  maintained 662 foreign sites in 38 countries around the world. But that number represents a reduction from numbers reported by DOD just a few years ago.

Military spokespersons regularly add to the confusion. Turse notes that:
Speaking before the senate appropriations committee’s sub-committee on military construction, veterans and related agencies early last year, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Dorothy Robyn referenced the Pentagon’s “507 permanent installations”. The Pentagon’s 2010 Base Structure Report, on the other hand, lists 4,999 total sites in the US, its territories, and overseas.
 You can read the full article on the above link. Now watch the video...


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