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Friday, 13 January 2012

Password encryption between Windows, Linux, Mac computers and smartphones.

We use an OpenSource program called Keepass for our encrypted passwords.

There are better programs around but they aren't free. And, the benefit of OpenSource means that the program code is available for the more paranoid amongst us, to pour over to ensure there are no hidden gotchas in the code.

At home, my computer is Linux, as are both my Notebook and my Netbook computer. My wife has a Windows computer and we both have Android smartmobiles. In addition, later this month I shall be buying the ASUS Transformer Prime pad so will install it all on there as well.

Between all our computers, we have one data file where all our passwords are kept. (My wife and I have no secrets from each other, we share everything including bank accounts.)

However, to enable all this sharing to happen, we have to install Dropbox on all our computers.

Dropbox is free for a whopping 2GB of storage, and to get it, if you use this link, you will get a special extra half a gigabyte, making 2.5gb in all. And what, to me, is more important, I will also earn an extra half megabyte!

I have found an excellent website which explains how you can set all this up easily and it is well worth a visit.

Passwords are important to keep, and by using this password program, you will only ever have to remember the one master password to get into the program - it will be the same password no matter which computer you are using at the time as the single datafile will be in your Dropbox folder, fully encrypted.

Have fun and keep secure. Don't write passwords down anywhere, keep them in Keepass.


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