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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Men! How to be successful with the opposite sex.

I am not sure whether this is good advice for the women, but I know, from experience that it works for men.

When I was thirteen, I used to saddle up in South Africa and ride out into the bush after school on a Friday for the whole weekend. I would shoot or fish for my supper, skin or descale my meal and cook it over a camp fire. (no - I used matches, couldn't be arsed to rub two sticks together).

I have started this way to give you an inkling that I have always been self-sufficient.

In the sixties, after leaving the army in 1963 at aged 23, I wasn't really interested in girls and moved to Earls Court in London where the swinging sixties started. I was a member of the OVC (Overseas Visitors Club) where they had a passenger liner booked every two weeks from Australia, once a month and South Africa, also  once a month. Each time around 500 girls descended on Earls Court to the OVC from the colonies!

I had hundreds of girl friends over two years, literally! I guess my success was because I was never really that interested. I used to drink, and play 3-card brag with my mates and we would always have a great laugh together. Women were never important to me in my life at that time.

To cut a long story short, I had six fiancées - six because I never wanted children, and this was my way of making sure my future partner wasn't lying to me, five of them were! I have been married twice, my first wife died of cancer and I swore I would never get married again. I did and this time, so far, it has been over thirty-five years.

So, men, if you desperately want a girl-friend, it shows, and women tend to avoid you because you are so tense. Get a hobby, find interests, join clubs but go there for a beer, not to find a woman.

Women have already discovered this secret and many of them tend to go to the theatre and art galleries for their recreational interests so as not to appear desperate!

So, stop looking for a girl-friend, have fun, you will be surprised how quickly you will then find the girl of your dreams.


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