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Friday, 16 December 2011

When America sneezes, the UK catches a cold” Or an appraisal of our two countries.

This blog is written for our American cousins.

There used to be a saying in Britain “When America sneezes, the UK catches a cold”. Well, right now, it seems to be the other way around. A lot of your problems have applied to the UK for years.

I have a phrase to describe our leaders. David Cameron of the Conservative Party (Right) David Milliband of the Socialist Party (Left) and we have Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats who I am of the firm belief, and many events prove it so far, is left of the Socialist Party although they try to hide that fact – I am also beginning to believe that Milliband, as a person, is more right of centre (center) than Cameron.

Older American readers might remember a comedy threesome, who were slapstick, called The Three Stooges. This is my, and many other Brits, apt phrase or description of our leaders.

Your problem, which is the same as ours, although we have an added negative called the EU, is that both your left and right have run down your country, through wars and welfare on the one hand, and huge government on the other.

Not satisfied with a cradle to the grave philosophy we, in the UK are now building a huge army of outworkers to call in to people at home to help them do the things they have forgotten, or can't be bothered, to do for themselves.

In addition to this malady in both of our countries, we have to bow down to unelected Commissioners in the EU. The EU is not democratic.

I have personally been to Brussels and Strasbourg and seen the MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) who are voted in by the public to pretend to be democratic. When voting is carried out, the head of the EU Parliament reads a number out, the head man from the various parties (who sits in the front of the section) is the only person who knows what the MEPs are voting for. The other members crane their heads to look at their leader in front who gives a thumbs up sign if they have to vote “yes” and a thumbs down sign if they have to vote “no”. I have spoken to many MEPs who assure me they have no idea which laws or directives they are voting for.

Each of our countries has a saviour; you have Ron Paul, and we have Nigel Farage. However, it seems that they might not ever get voted in.  

Ron Paul because his ideas are so different from the norm that too many people are too settled in their comfort zones, and will vote for the person who will carry on the status quo. Daft isn’t it? But true. And Ron Paul is making his last bid for the Presidency, his voice is weakening and I fear he won't want to stand in, I believe, five years time.

Nigel Farage, a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) who I mentioned earlier, and who many of you will know from the YouTube Videos where he berates the officials in strongly worded, humorous and rather insulting speeches in the EU Parliament, is the only man in British Politics with genuine fire in his belly. Many of the 40% diehard Conservatives would love to vote for him but just cannot tear themselves away from their party as they firmly believe their leader (in this case Cameron) will do the right thing in the end. They won't! It is left for the floating voter to give him a chance, but they are, on the whole, still too busy voting tactically to get one side or the other out.

I will try and explain how our people in the UK vote.

In Britain we have an interesting mix - I am not saying my percentages are correct, they are now presented as an illustration only – although I believe they might be fairly accurate.

Say we have 30% die-hard Labour voters who many continue to vote for their party because their parents did, and their parents before that. Others are of limited intelligence who believe that the Socialists are the party for the “working man” when, of course, only a party that supports business – and therefore jobs – can really be for the working man! Unless, of course, the working man is happy not to work and to survive (very comfortably in the UK) on benefits.

We might then have 30% of die-hard Conservatives. Some of which believe that times haven’t changed and still live in the “glorious past” which at 72, I can assure you were never so glorious! Others just hate Socialism and all it implies, and would never vote for the other party in a million years.

Then you have the remaining 40% who are floating voters. I would guess many are of one or two parties and the rest, the more intelligent voter, looks at the condition of the country at the time of the election and tries to vote for the best leader to take it forward. When they are not voting tactically!

One good thing about having an aging population at this time is that the diehards will die off and the percentages above could well change. More and more young people think for themselves where politics are concerned.

The 30% figures above will shrink and the 40% floating voters will expand. This can only be good for the country.

On the negative side, the young are, in ever increasing numbers, refusing to vote. This can only be a bad thing for the country.

I hope I have been able to tell you a little about British Politics, and no doubt another Brit will come along and tell you that I have it all wrong. If this happens, then great! This is good, because it might encourage you to take a look for yourself to see which of us is right.

I am confident that any in-depth study will prove I am pretty well right. Not definitely right, but near enough. Nobody can see into the heart of an entire population. I look forward to comments if you think my appraisal is incorrect.


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