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Friday, 30 December 2011

Sara Tavares - I know where she comes from, but I wish she would come over here - what a voice!

Wikipedia states that Sara Tavares showed great musical promise from a young age, a potential that was cultivated and bore fruit while Tavares was still in her teens.

Winning the Endemol song contest Chuva de Estrelas, followed by a victory at the Portuguese Television Song Contest in 1994, earned Tavares a slot in the Eurovision Song Contest, all at the age of 16. Her song, "Chamar a Musica," was featured on her debut single release,

Personally, having just listened to it on YouTube, it is no wonder she won it. If they held a contest of just the winning songs played in the history of the Song Contest, this number would shine amongst the dross!

However, this is not the song which caught my ear,  Listen to "Muna Xeia", this is such a beautiful song from this girl, born in Lisbon, whose parents came from Cape Verde, a group of islands 570 kilometres off the coast of West Africa.


To wrap around myself
And lull me while I lie here
Quietly till I die here

Wandering around the peaks
And vistas in my mind
Picking up the pieces
Of the thoughts I left behind here
Perfect joy I find here

I need some soul magic
Soul magic

It's enough to think the beautiful ideas
That help to keep me sane
River of ideas I dive into
Your peaceful waters once again
To wash away the pain

And when the light shines so beautifully bright
I'll kiss the morning but
I won't forget the night here
Crystal clear my sight here

To wrap around myself
And lull me while I lie here


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