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Saturday, 17 December 2011

My money is on Lindi Mazibuko being President of South Africa within fifteen years.

Her name is Lindiwe "Lindi" Mazibuko and she would be thought a beauty in African traditions. If I were back home, I would vote for her and her DA party.

The Democratic Alliance has grown from nothing in 1994 to over 25% of the votes in 2009. The next election will be in 2014, and then by 2019 their percentage, if not at the 50% mark, will be very close and they should be in power by 2024.

There is a bill (POIB) going through parliament at the moment. It is a bill which Cameron Clegg and Milliband would love to introduce and I am sure they are watching closely.

This bill means that the courts can punish anyone who circulates confidential government information outside of government with up to six years of prison.

There are no safeguards in the bill, it is a blanket bill which means that if a newspaper discovers and publishes corruption of a government official, the official could get a three year gaol sentence and the reporter and editor who exposed him or her could get six years each.


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