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Monday, 12 December 2011

Janet Daley of the Telegraph describes the veto very succinctly.

9:00PM GMT 10 Dec 2011

 So we are isolated, are we? Cut off, locked out of the room, left on the sidelines, cast out of the inner core – and any other baleful metaphors you can think of. Well, Britain has stood alone before, as I recall, and we defended the idea of democracy in Europe then, too.

But we need not get romantically heroic about it. We just have to ask ourselves: what is it exactly that we are outside of? A burning building? With only our triple-A credit rating and our competitive financial industry to console us?

What just happened, after all?

We jumped off a bus that was hurtling toward a brick wall. When it eventually crashes, the driver(s) of the bus – who will survive, this being a metaphorical bus – will probably blame us, claiming that if it had not been for our failure to co-operate, the wall might have evaporated.

The crash, when it comes, will be truly dreadful, and all the more tragic because a delusional European elite refused to accept its inevitability.

Read the whole item here at the Telegraph.


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