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Saturday, 17 December 2011

I think this is the best explanation of this "veto" business I have heard todate.

And, the interesting point here is, we won't see it on British Television or a link in British newspapers.

It is on Russian Television. The video is shown lower down on this page.

Now make no mistake, Russian Television (Sky 512) tends to be truthful or they would lose credibility and nobody would believe them. However, I do believe the reason why they put what they do on their website and television is to make pure mischief to governments of various countries.

It is also the same with Al Jazeera (Sky 514). Truthful but mischief making.

However, I do look at these programs now and again because I like to hear the sort of news that our "official" television, radio and newspapers tend to keep from us.
Below is Nigel Farage explaining, in real terms, exactly what it means with Cameron's veto. It is clear and concise. Remember, before Nigel became a politician he was a very active trader in the markets and probably knows more about the City financial sector and any of our present members of government.

I really cannot understand the mentality of the average Tory voter. Before the election, and other elections in the past, they believed all the promises their leaders have made about the EU. And, repeatedly, election after election, they have been proved wrong in this belief. On the one hand, you have to admire their loyalty, but on the other hand, you must wince at their stupidity.

I wonder how many UKIP party members, the ones who came from the Tory party, are now having second doubts, thinking the leopard, Cameron, has changed his spots. If you are one of them and are willing to make a bet with me, a trusted third party can hold the money, I will bet that Cameron will never leave the EU. We can put a time on it of "before he loses the Tory leadership".

Now here is Nigel explaining what has happened:


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