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Monday, 5 December 2011

Do-it-yourself Christmas cards.

My wife and I prepare our own Christmas cards. We have found a charity where everyone is an unpaid volunteer and all of them work from home, all the funds go to the "sharp end", so we double or card and postage saving and send the money to B.H.C.C. in South Africa.

Unlike most Internet cards which stay on the computer, ours can actually sit firmly on the recipients mantelpiece.

Now for the instructions on how to do this.

We use Linux and therefore can't use Illustrator or photoshop, but the desktop program we do use is also available for both Windows and the Mac. It is called Scribus and is OpenSource and is free.

Set up a single A4 page and add rules making a 3cm gap in the centre, both vertically and horizontally. This allows for the vagaries of different desktop printers. However, if you have a pgoto or painting for the first page, as we have, you can stretch over the borders so the front is pleasing.

The back page is bottom left, where we put details of where we send our donations to. This enables our more sceptical friends to check up that we do this :-)

This year we are sending £50 (just over 626 ZAR) which will go a long way in Jozi.

So it is quite simple really, you then turn the DTP file into a PDF (you can do this within Scribus) and attach it to an email and send to your friend or family member.

When they get the file, they just need to print it out, fold it twice, trim if their folding capabilities need a little practice, and place it on their mantelpiece.

A little more effort but how much better than the musical cards you get on the 'net which cannot be shown in your lounge.

* The web address for our favourite charity is - it is a very interesting charity and well worth a visit.


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