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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Charles de Gaulle was on the British side when he refused us entry to the Common Market - Here is proof!

Charles de Gaulle refused Britain's application to join the "Common Market" (sic),  but not because he hated us. Granted he hated Churchill, but not the English people. No, he refused us entry because he knew us, and knew we weren't the sort who'd sit confortable with what they were planning.

When he vetoed our application to join the Common Market in January 1963, he said:

"England, in effect is insular. She is maritime. She is linked through her trade, her markets, her supply lines to the most distant countries.
 She pursues essentially industrial and commercial activities and only slightly agricultural ones.
She has, in all her doings, very marked and very original habits and traditions.
In short England's nature, England's structure, England's very situation differs profoundly from those of the Continentals." 

de Gaulle knew we were more Global than the rest of the Continentals. If MacMillan hadn't sent Heath to Brussels with the strict instructions to give anything away but not to come back without an affirmative answer to our new application to join.

Heath got us in, and this was when we lost our Fisheries and our Agriculture. Don't anyone make the mistake about which party sold us down the river.

And what has this all come to? Well, let's look at the following collage of happenings very recently in Brussels. After you have viewed this video, you should be a little more informed.


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