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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Australian navy has moved me up the intelligence scale in Britain

From today's Electronic Telegraph

Australian Navy eyes British sailors facing axe in defence cuts 
By Jonathan Pearlman and John Bingham
7:52PM GMT 27 Dec 2011

The Australian navy plans to recruit up to 1,000 Royal Navy sailors facing redundancy under the Government’s defence cuts.

The Royal Australian Navy has sent a delegation to Britain to investigate the plan, which would look to recruit some of the 5,000 Royal Navy personnel due to lose their jobs over the next four years.

Critics of the defence cuts, including prominent retired officers, said that the Australian desire to take on British sailors exposed how “foolish” the cuts are.

It follows warnings that Britain might now be unable to fend off a new invasion of the Falkland Islands, which have recently come under renewed pressure from Argentina, or mount an force to retake them without an aircraft carrier.
The more brighter people leaving the UK means that my IQ (142 on the Mensa scale) is probably increasing as less intelligent people replace our brightest!

Alright for me, but disastrous for England.

Is this what the political classes want? The less intelligent citizens we have in this country, the easier for these bastards to rule? I can't think of any other reason. If not, why have both Governments destroyed education over the last twenty or so years?


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