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Friday, 30 December 2011

Rupert Murdoch is still making billions whilst the Guardian loses £1M a week.

The following blog is from Guido Fawkes' I left out some telling information as it is only fair not to reproduce someone else's blog in full without opening up a path back to the creator. There, you will find information on his other assets including top films from his studios!

Media Analysis You Won’t Read in the Guardian

Today is the last trading day of the year on the New York Stock Exchange, barring any dramatic surprises shares in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation will end the day near the year’s highs. If you are lucky enough to own News Corp shares you will have benefited from a rise in value of nearly 10% this year, well outperforming a stockmarket that has flatlined.

Not that you would realise it if you only listened to the BBC or read the New York Times and The Guardian. The latter in particular always slants financial stories about News Corp as if there was widespread shareholder unrest with the Murdochs. Story after story on the media and finance pages of The Guardian quotes shareholders and financial advisers with doom laden sentiments about the Murdochs. Most of those quoted turn out to be activists with political rather than financial priorities…

Sara Tavares - I know where she comes from, but I wish she would come over here - what a voice!

Wikipedia states that Sara Tavares showed great musical promise from a young age, a potential that was cultivated and bore fruit while Tavares was still in her teens.

Winning the Endemol song contest Chuva de Estrelas, followed by a victory at the Portuguese Television Song Contest in 1994, earned Tavares a slot in the Eurovision Song Contest, all at the age of 16. Her song, "Chamar a Musica," was featured on her debut single release,

Personally, having just listened to it on YouTube, it is no wonder she won it. If they held a contest of just the winning songs played in the history of the Song Contest, this number would shine amongst the dross!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Happy new year and a very short video of surfing a 90 foot wave

Ampers wishes all his readers a happy new year and a EU free Christmas next year. And now for the video:

It seems that Garrett McNamara just broke the world record for largest wave surfed by successfully navigating this 90-foot wall of watery death in Nazaré, Portugal. The previous record—77 feet—was set by Mike Parsons in 2008.

The Song is Ricochet by David Michael & Lee Pomeroy.


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Australian navy has moved me up the intelligence scale in Britain

From today's Electronic Telegraph

Australian Navy eyes British sailors facing axe in defence cuts 
By Jonathan Pearlman and John Bingham
7:52PM GMT 27 Dec 2011

The Australian navy plans to recruit up to 1,000 Royal Navy sailors facing redundancy under the Government’s defence cuts.

The Royal Australian Navy has sent a delegation to Britain to investigate the plan, which would look to recruit some of the 5,000 Royal Navy personnel due to lose their jobs over the next four years.

Critics of the defence cuts, including prominent retired officers, said that the Australian desire to take on British sailors exposed how “foolish” the cuts are.

It follows warnings that Britain might now be unable to fend off a new invasion of the Falkland Islands, which have recently come under renewed pressure from Argentina, or mount an force to retake them without an aircraft carrier.
The more brighter people leaving the UK means that my IQ (142 on the Mensa scale) is probably increasing as less intelligent people replace our brightest!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Dan Hannan explains, at length, the real problem with keeping the Euro.

I think Hannan and Farage would make a great team, they both have impeccable logic. Whilst Hannan is non-confrontational, Farage is a Firebrand and would be an excellent Prime Minister, it would be a joy seeing him up against Ed Milliband in Parliament!

Hannan, with his clear thinking would make an ideal Chancellor.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

I am full of Christmas cheer after an excellent five hour lunch.

My wife and I do without family and friends on Christmas day because we like to treat ourselves to a nice long leisurely meal together.

Our courses are designed to minimise kitchen preparation time and cooking. There is a 45-50 minute gap between each course. This way the food is digested making room for more, and the wine doesn’t go to one's head.

First course: A smoke salmon and quail's egg salad, with a glass of Rustenberg Sauvignon Blanc (from South Africa).

Second course: Roast Pheasant (now did I put an 'h' in that?) small new potatoes, asparagus and carrots, and a glass of Rustenberg (special blended grapes - too long to list them all here) Also from South Africa.

Wishing all my blog readers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Geseënde Kersfees en 'n gelukkige nuwe jaar (Merry Christmas and a happy new year) to all my readers. At the last count I have readers in 96 different countries around the world although I don't have the high thousands that some bloggers have.

I blog for myself, and am pleased to just attract like-minded people who share my love for South Africa and the DA or my hatred of the three stooges and their love affair with the EU. And, of course, the few who subscribe to both of those thoughts.

I did say on one blog that I hope someone would blow up Brussels, and one of the other commentators said to me: Amps, if you consume enough brussels, you can blow up anything you want!

Anyway, have a great time with you and yours today.

Ampers & Mrs Ampers.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bob Crow, The Boxing Day strike and the recording of two doctors at a London hospital

First of all, who is this Union Leader who loathes and despises Londoners with every fibre of his being?, The next part describes the singers in the Video, and last but not least, a song about a striking London Underground. Hilarious!

WiliPedia has this to say about him:
Robert Crow (born 13 June 1961, Shadwell, London), The son of a lavatory attendant, who is better known as Bob Crow, is a British trade union leader, the General Secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) and a member of the General Council of the TUC. He describes himself as a "communist stroke socialist" and is regarded as part of the so-called "Awkward Squad" - the loose grouping of left-wing union leaders who came to power in a series of electoral victories beginning in 2002. Since he became leader RMT's membership increased from around 57,000 in 2002 to more than 80,000 in 2008, making it one of Britain's fastest growing trade unions.

How important is it to behave yourself when in foreign lands?

I will give you two examples.

I am well disposed to people from the Philippines and the reason is that, in 1959 when I joined the Army, there was a Filipino in our hut of 30 soldiers. Whenever, after training, we went to the NAAFI for a drink, he wouldn't join us until he had written home to his wife in the Philippines and posted the letter. Every day for months.

Now whenever I meet someone from the Philippines, I automatically feel warmth towards them.

Charles de Gaulle was on the British side when he refused us entry to the Common Market - Here is proof!

Charles de Gaulle refused Britain's application to join the "Common Market" (sic),  but not because he hated us. Granted he hated Churchill, but not the English people. No, he refused us entry because he knew us, and knew we weren't the sort who'd sit confortable with what they were planning.

When he vetoed our application to join the Common Market in January 1963, he said:

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wishing you a happy Christmas from Ampers, Mrs Ampers, Kirsty McColl and the Pogues

Wishing all our readers a happy Christmas and a skilful time treading through the morass which will be caused as the EU collapses.

Ampers and Mrs Ampers

Monday, 19 December 2011

The success story of a Single Mother's child, born in Tottenham

I am not often impressed by modern singers, but have to admit, when I first heard "Someone like you" by Adele (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins) I went into a trance.

In my younger days, well not that young actually, I was passing a record shop and heard Melanie (Safka) singing and stopped in my tracks, totally bewitched, and went in and bought the vinyl LP on the spot. Although Adele is nothing like Melanie at all, somehow I was drawn to it in the same way as I was drawn to Melanie. I presume Melanie had just as tough life as Adele as she was bought up in Queens in New York. And Adele was brought up in Tottenham, North London. I would be very surprised if any reader agrees with me that there is any similarity between the two.

Wikipedia states: In the United Kingdom, 21 has been certified 14 times platinum for shipment of 4.2 million units. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 in the US, selling 352,000 copies in its first week. The album has charted at number one in 24 countries, including several charts across Europe, Australia and the United States.

Adele has sold 18,000,000 albums world wide altogether. I have added the lyrics after the video below, I hope you enjoy this fantastic success story and song as much as I have.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Muslims outraged at police advert featuring cute puppy sitting in policeman's hat

By Daily Mail Reporter 1st July 2008

A postcard featuring a cute puppy sitting in a policeman's hat advertising a Scottish police force's new telephone number has sparked outrage from Muslims. 

Tayside Police's new non-emergency phone number has prompted complaints from members of the Islamic community.

The choice of image on the Tayside Police cards - a black dog sitting in a police officer's hat - has now been raised with Chief Constable John Vine.

Tayside Police caused uproar in the Muslim community after they released this advertisement featuring police puppy Rebel sitting in a hat.

Are we at war with France?

I thought it might be a good time to include a little reminder about who we can justly hate.

It is not the French people. Or, indeed, the people of any country in the world.

It is the political classes we can legitimately hate whether ours or any other nation. I mean, let's face it, if we hate the French politicians, we are not doing any more than that which the French people are doing. The more intelligent ones hate theirs as well. And, probably ours too!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

If you've heard of Blaster Bates, enjoy (Cesspit episode) - if not you'd be best not to see this one, especially the fair sex.

First of all, Wikipedia's description of Blaster Bates - then a video of his famous "cess pit" talk.

Blaster Bates was the name used by Derek Macintosh Bates (5 February 1923 – 1 September 2006), an English explosives and demolition expert and raconteur, who was born in Crewe. 

He made a series of sound recordings from the 1960s to 1980s, recounting bizarre and funny experiences from his long career, and tales of his hobbies of motorcycling, hunting and shooting. He was much in demand as an after-dinner speaker. His tales feature coarse language and their content is equally strong stuff: once, for instance, he was hired to clear out a farm's septic tank using explosives, an episode Bates described as "The Shower of Shit Over Cheshire".

Bates served with the Royal Air Force during the Second World War as a Handley Page Halifax bomber pilot, and then learned his explosives skills as a bomb disposal specialist. After the war he returned to his previous employer Rolls Royce, hoping to resume his old job, but was told "We're cutting down, you know". Bates then started his own demolition business, drawing on his wartime expertise. He later noted that it was a good decision, as "over the years I've managed to do all right while they've [Rolls Royce] gone steadily bust".

Specially for my English readers who want to know the difference between the ANC and the DA in South Africa

The ANC person is in the first part, and the DA person is in the second part, it is under three minutes. He has the equivalent of a GCSE in woodwork and she has a university degree



My money is on Lindi Mazibuko being President of South Africa within fifteen years.

Her name is Lindiwe "Lindi" Mazibuko and she would be thought a beauty in African traditions. If I were back home, I would vote for her and her DA party.

The Democratic Alliance has grown from nothing in 1994 to over 25% of the votes in 2009. The next election will be in 2014, and then by 2019 their percentage, if not at the 50% mark, will be very close and they should be in power by 2024.

I think this is the best explanation of this "veto" business I have heard todate.

And, the interesting point here is, we won't see it on British Television or a link in British newspapers.

It is on Russian Television. The video is shown lower down on this page.

Now make no mistake, Russian Television (Sky 512) tends to be truthful or they would lose credibility and nobody would believe them. However, I do believe the reason why they put what they do on their website and television is to make pure mischief to governments of various countries.

It is also the same with Al Jazeera (Sky 514). Truthful but mischief making.

However, I do look at these programs now and again because I like to hear the sort of news that our "official" television, radio and newspapers tend to keep from us.

Friday, 16 December 2011

When America sneezes, the UK catches a cold” Or an appraisal of our two countries.

This blog is written for our American cousins.

There used to be a saying in Britain “When America sneezes, the UK catches a cold”. Well, right now, it seems to be the other way around. A lot of your problems have applied to the UK for years.

I have a phrase to describe our leaders. David Cameron of the Conservative Party (Right) David Milliband of the Socialist Party (Left) and we have Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats who I am of the firm belief, and many events prove it so far, is left of the Socialist Party although they try to hide that fact – I am also beginning to believe that Milliband, as a person, is more right of centre (center) than Cameron.

Older American readers might remember a comedy threesome, who were slapstick, called The Three Stooges. This is my, and many other Brits, apt phrase or description of our leaders.

Your problem, which is the same as ours, although we have an added negative called the EU, is that both your left and right have run down your country, through wars and welfare on the one hand, and huge government on the other.

Not satisfied with a cradle to the grave philosophy we, in the UK are now building a huge army of outworkers to call in to people at home to help them do the things they have forgotten, or can't be bothered, to do for themselves.

In addition to this malady in both of our countries, we have to bow down to unelected Commissioners in the EU. The EU is not democratic.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

“Anti-racism” is an authoritarian view and is not the same as being opposed to racism

By Ed West

Ed West is a journalist and social commentator who specialises in politics, religion and low culture.

Yesterday, after I wrote that “the EU, multiculturalism, the Equalities Act, anti-racism, hate crimes, bastardised human rights, Marx, Marxist feminism, Marcuse and Gramsci” all belong in history’s dustbin, lots of people screamed: “If you’re anti-anti-racism that means you’re pro-racism!”

So I thought I’d help your deprogramming with a little explanation.

OPINION: What "Financial Services sector" donating over 50% of Tory Party income could mean.

I read, today, that over 50% of Tory Party income is now coming from the Financial Services sector. No doubt this is cheering up the Conservative Party but there are interesting considerations for David Cameron here.

First of all I am fairly certain that, at half past two in the morning, all the leaders around the table were over-tired (most of them are no longer young) and when Cameron put his request on the table, he was probably less diplomatic than he meant to be, and sweeping his proposals away are probably already being regretted by the others who were all tired as well. But the French and the Germans could never admit to the English that they were wrong, which is why we now have an impasse.

I think Cameron also regrets it and would be willing to make amends. However, now a massive number of English people are hailing him as a hero, which although he rather likes, he still knows he has instructions to keep us in the EU and he is spelling this out, most forcibly, whenever he can.

However, the Financial Industry, which accounts for over 50% of his party's income will fade away very quickly if he allows the EU to regulate London's financial sector. Which they are already announcing to do.

According to City A.M.
"BRITAIN’S veto of a new European treaty to tighten fiscal oversight of states will not stop Europe regulating the City, Olli Rehn, the European Union’s [German] economic and monetary affairs commissioner, said yesterday."

That's enough about politics for now, here's Ormie the pig - no it's not a politician!

Hey! Dear Reader! It's fun time... Enjoy this funny and well thought out and presented cartoon...

17 Signs That The European Financial System Is Heading For An Implosion Of Historic Proportions

The following is from Michael's "The Economic Collapse" blog. You can see the foll article from here and its worth taking a look!

On the Titanic towards Economic and Democratic Disaster - Nigel Farage at his best

I am running out of superlatives to use about Nigel Farage. The YouTube videos of his speaches in the EU Parliament just get better and better.

Even if you are from a party run by the "Three Stooges", having Nigel Farage in our Westminster Parliament making speeches would at least hamper your own Prime Minister from his excesses. And let's be frank, they all are guilty of doing silly things at times and it would be good to have a voice bringing their high faluting ideas down to earth.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Ampers prefers Google Plus: Here are eight Quick Tips and Tricks

Getting started with Google's new social networking service? We have a few quick tips to get you oriented.

Google Plus (aka Google+), Google's new social network, might offer the right mix of sharing and privacy to woo you away from your Facebook account.

If you don't know how to use it, though, it's just a confusing mess of circles and contacts. So we've assembled a few tips to help you get started.

I would vote for this man for Prime Minister whatever party he represented in Britain

Watch this video, this is one very amazing man and I have been following his progress for five years.

They will never vote him in though, the last thing people want is someone who goes around sprouting "common sense" I mean, who is this guy?

Janet Daley of the Telegraph describes the veto very succinctly.

9:00PM GMT 10 Dec 2011

 So we are isolated, are we? Cut off, locked out of the room, left on the sidelines, cast out of the inner core – and any other baleful metaphors you can think of. Well, Britain has stood alone before, as I recall, and we defended the idea of democracy in Europe then, too.

But we need not get romantically heroic about it. We just have to ask ourselves: what is it exactly that we are outside of? A burning building? With only our triple-A credit rating and our competitive financial industry to console us?

Sunday, 11 December 2011

A terrific Video from Pat Conlan - who really should be in Parliament!

Warning, before you watch this video. Pat Condlan is a very, very opinionated and outspoken man. The difference between his self-opinions and others' opinions are that his are more convincing as he always speaks the truth, at least in my eyes. His humour makes listing to it enjoyable as well.

Tragically, the EU is now isolated from the United Kingdom and they may well suffer for it.

When I first heard the news that Cameron had actually exercised his veto, I said to my wife; "Ignore everything and only think about it after Christmas."

And that is what I am doing!

There is so much absolute rubbish being aired in the newspapers. And did you hear the "Lord Haw Haw" approach by the BBC afterwords, exercising that doom ladened voice they always use when they talked about white South Africans? Yes folks, it has been resurrected for Cameron.

Friday, 9 December 2011

US lawmakers look to block IMF 'bailout' to the EU

WASHINGTON — US Republicans on Friday denounced any US-funded International Monetary Fund "bailout" of debt-stricken Europe and ramped up efforts to scrap a $108 billion line of credit to the IMF.

"Forcing American taxpayers to bail out bloated welfare states in Europe is unconscionable and immoral," Republican Senator Tom Coburn said, warning that "a bailout will prolong, not ease, Europe's burdens."

A new website for serious business users and their engineers of Ubuntu

The website in question is

This is a gold mine not only for Ubuntu Engineers and Systems Analysts but company executives investigating whether Ubuntu is suitable for their business can see a list of serious business software "Ubuntu ready". At present there is a round hundred on the list and it is expanding all the time.

Nigel Farage telling us all that Cameron has achieved at last night's Brussels meeting.

A picture is worth a thousand words? A video must be worth much more!


Captain Ranty says "jump" so I "jumped" and this song deserves wide coverage.

As an ex-soldier, although a very long time ago, this has touched me very deeply.



Thursday, 8 December 2011

UKIP Trip to Luxemboarg, see the HQ before it goes belly-up

My wife and I were a little aprehensive, but last year we went on a five day coach trip to Brussels. We were aprehensive because we had heard of terrible experiences, brawls, and bad-tempers on general coach outings.

However, we needn't have worried as these were all UKIP members and we got on really well with all of them as naturally any UKIP member would.

The trips are organised by Lyndda Robson, Gerald Batten's Researcher and she does an excellent job; we go from one sight-seeing extravaganza to the next, apart from scheduled breaks to catch our breathe, there is never time wasted hanging about.

This is also a chance to get some of our tax-payers money back from the EU as if, during our five days, we spend three hours in the headquarters, we get a sum of money, per head, back which subsidises our trip. For example, we got a reduction of £75 a head when we visited Brussels, this year we got a whopping £150 off when we visited Strasbourg, and next June, when we visit Luxembourg, our trip price is reduced by £100.

The trip next June to Luxembourg filled up within three weeks and there is such a long waiting list (25 people) that Lyndda has decided that we should try to get twenty more UKIP members to make a second coach. So, if you have a UKIP membership card and would like to come, email and I will send you further details and put you in touch with Lyndda. I'm doing it this way in case you might like to ask me questions as I am in no way connected with the organisation of these trips.

I have to say, I think their (EU) authorities dread it when we visit. We are polite but we do let them know how we feel and put them right when they make any mistakes with their propaganda!!

The trip next June is listed in full, after the two previous trips, listed to you can see what you have missed! After the two previous trips you will see a full itinerary for next June's trip.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Do-it-yourself Christmas cards.

My wife and I prepare our own Christmas cards. We have found a charity where everyone is an unpaid volunteer and all of them work from home, all the funds go to the "sharp end", so we double or card and postage saving and send the money to B.H.C.C. in South Africa.

Unlike most Internet cards which stay on the computer, ours can actually sit firmly on the recipients mantelpiece.

Now for the instructions on how to do this.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Photos of protest of SA Secrecy bill in Trafalgar Square

To English viewers, the ANC Government of South Africa has passed a bill protecting sensitive state information, making it illegal for journalists to publish.

Unfortunately, the bill has been badly prepared and a journalist can now go to prison for a good number of years if he exposes government corruption. Beware the three stooges don't pass a similar bill in the UK.

If a South African journalist discloses an MP has been corrupt, his sentence could be twice as long as the corrupt politician.

You need to decide whether this was bad drafting, or intentional. We South Africans instinctively know the answer to this. Photographs follow...

Friday, 2 December 2011

The EU are making treaty changes, is a referendum on the cards?

I guess not...

"They have promised they will not harm us, I have this piece of paper to prove it!"

The government itself leaks information to a hand-picked elite of the wealthiest investors

The following article was written by

Regular readers know that ever since 2009, well before the confidence destroying flash crash of May 2010, Zero Hedge had been advocating that regular retail investors shun the equity market in its entirety as it is anything but "fair and efficient.

Frontrunning for a select few is legal, in which insider trading is permitted for politicians and is masked as "expert networks" for others, in which the government itself leaks information to a hand-picked elite of the wealthiest investors, in which investment banks send out their "huddle" top picks to "whale" accounts before everyone else gets access.

Hedge funds form "clubs" and collude in moving the market, in which millisecond algorithms make instantaneous decisions which regular investors can never hope to beat.

Daily record volatility triggers sell limits virtually assuring daytrading losses, and where the bid/ask spreads for all but the choicest few make the prospect of breaking even, let alone winning, quite daunting.

 In short: a rigged casino.

Read the rest of the article

The UK Government throws itself behind OpenSourse

UK government open source procurement toolkit

Tools to help public administrations procure open source were published by the UK government yesterday. The toolkit is part of the cabinet's ICT strategy to "create a level playing field for the use of innovative ICT solutions". 

According to the introduction, the six documents are intended "to ensure that there is a level playing field for open source and proprietary software and that some of the myths associated with open source are dispelled. It is intended for those who need to consider, evaluate or procure open source solutions as well as anyone just wanting to know more about open source."

Open source software is underused across Government and the wider public sector, the toolkit explains, "despite the current and previous administrations intention to promote its use".

This will put the fear of God into every Englishman

This is a statement by Dr Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance.

Quick Statement on Emma West

Emma West is a white working class woman who got into an argument with some black people in a South London Tram. You can see the two minute video here:
Miss West has now been arrested for her opinions and locked away, and her children have been taken away by the social services.

Of course, if she had been wearing a headscarf and screeching about the
"kuffar" who were killing her brothers and sisters in Iraq/Afghanistan,
the authorities would have looked the other way.