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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sky news has just boiled my piss!!!

First of all, my apologies for the coarse language but I have just been watching, on Sky news, an interview with some of the students on the 2011 Jarrow march to London.

First of all, they were complaining about a government who has stopped the tax-payer funding education and they say working class people can no longer afford to go to University.

Apart from this being a load of bollocks, in that students with penniless parents can go to university and won't have to pay a penny until (a) they have left university, (b) they are [probably] in full time employment and (c) they are earning in excess of £21,000 a year, they want to oust this government and presumably put back in the government who (a) started the idea of charging students, (b) destroyed our economy and (c) by bailing out the bankers, gave them the courage to pay themselves large bonuses rather than helping businesses, knowing they will be bailed out if things go belly up again.

Things might also have been bad for a while if we hadn't bailed out the banks, but with Tesco, Branson and quite a few others in the wings wanting to start High Street banks, it wouldn't have taken too long for things to come back on course.

They were also complaining that there weren't any jobs for the young. Well, I can tell them that it was the government they want back in which destroyed the educational system with the result that so many youg people are inarticulate, and some can't even read or write. Ask any employer.

And consider the minimum wage, if the government had the wisdom to cease that for the under twenty-fives, and relaxed the Employers NHS Tax (I prefer calling it by its proper name rather than "contributions" for the under twenty-fives, maybe the companies would be more willing to take on the present breed of illiterates. 

Even the army have to give recruits walking lessons before basic training because they can't even walk properly through walking in shoes with no proper heels.

And according to recent statistics, these ignorant people are going for the same non-degrees as they have in the past even though they are now paying up to £9,000 a year for them. There are a few intelligent students still opting for "proper" degrees thank goodness.

Don't get me wrong, I hate the Conservatives with a passion, however, I don't allow my hatred to get in the way from the fact that they are trying to sort out the wicked actions of the Labour government even though they are mired down by the idiotic Liberal Democrats. In fact I hate the bleddy lot of them!


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